November 2021

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What Card Draws you Today?

Notes from J

The purpose of this newsletter is to give you tools to utilize the current universal energy to manifest changes you want to make in your life. Do the work, and the magic will happen!

Engaging the magic of life is not a passive venture. Each month as I write about the energy of Numerology and the New and Full Moons, my goal is to help you understand how those energies work so that you have these tools to create the life you want for yourself. These tools hold the energy that is a part of the universal consciousness. Becoming aware of—and working with—the energy of Numerology of the month and year, along with the power of the moon, can help you fulfill your intentions. You can manifest the best of who you want to be.

You are the magic! Please let me know if you’d like to talk about it.



                                                                                     Coaching Corner

Apply the Magic

October’s Coaching Corner exercise was to identify the positive aspects about who you are. This month the exercise is to learn to reinforce the qualities you identified last month that benefit you. If you missed it, click here.

Remember how we talked about creating the magic? Well, this is the work of magic. Set your intentions, follow these instructions and the magic will come into your life. Really!

1. Review your positive traits from the exercise, and make a commitment to take action that expands on those traits.

2. Start your day by stating what you are grateful for in your life – even if it’s just waking up!

3. Call on your angels and guides (or whatever you call the magical force) and ask for support today. Bring them onto your team by sharing your intentions for the day.

4. Review your self-talk. Are you falling into old habits where you say things like, “I’m no good at . . .” or “I can’t keep a job” or “I’m not good enough to . . .”

    When you catch yourself in negative talk, immediately change the conversation. Use phrases that rewrite your story to something like, “I’m learning new skills,” or “I’m paying attention and am doing the best job I can” or “It’s a process and I’m doing my part.”

5. Surround yourself with positive people. As you become more positive, you will find you attract others who are also positive.

6. Treat yourself to something fun to bring joy into your life. Engaging in joy opens your chakras and is healthy self-care.

You may find it’s helpful to ask a friend to do these exercises with you. That way you can each reinforce the positive and bring joy to both of your lives.

Tarot of Empowerment

I asked the cards what the most useful lesson would be to share with my readers and got reversed Authority. I also asked how to apply that lesson and got the upright Sun.

Authority represents leadership and power and, as such, is inherently neither good nor bad. In the reversed position this card suggests an internal process and reinforces the coaching exercise for November. Go within to find your strengths and areas of power; then apply those positive attributes to your work in the world.

The Sun card is the card of YES! She is in an upright position saying that, when you complete your work for this month, you will be well on your way to finding your life purpose, and you will know how to share your work with others. Have confidence!

Tarot of Empowerment cards and books can be purchased here for you or as a gift for a friend.

Sky Influences

New Moon in Scorpio, November 4. The New Moon is a time to release the old form of your life that does not support your new intentions. Scorpio is about transformation and going deep within to recognize your shadow side, or the side of yourself that is hidden. Use this moon energy to acknowledge your shadows to begin to make peace with them.

Full Moon in Taurus, November 19. Taurus generally doesn’t like change, but this is the time to look at your values and decide what needs to change. This is especially relevant after the Scorpio New Moon. Look at how you are spending your money and taking care of your possessions. Beware of being drawn into emotional chaos.

November is a 7 month (11+2021=2032 and reduces to 7)

The 7 energy is about analysis and understanding. It’s a time to review your values, reconnect to spirit, and examine your purpose in life. This can sometimes lead confusion and fear as you seek to identify your place in the universe. As confusing as it may be, don’t give up on life; rather, surrender to your highest good. To surrender is to let your heart open, asking for help and listening and feeling for the answer.

November is a month for you to listen and feel, rather than taking action. Use this month to ask spirit for a clear vision of your purpose so that you are in the flow of life. Ask for help, and trust that it will come to you, even if you don’t know how it will come. Be willing to feel and listen for the answer.

You can calculate your personal month by calculating your personal year, then adding that number to the Universal Month and reducing it to a single digit.

For example, 2021 is a 5 year, so the personal year for a birthday on September 23 is 9+5+5=19=10=1. The Personal Month in November for this birthday is 7+1=8. The energy of 8 is about money and leadership. If this birthday person works with the numerology energy, she will be able to get answers to questions about how to support herself and be in integrity with her purpose in life.

You can read the meaning for the Personal Months here.

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