New Year Ritual

According to Carl Jung, symbols are the language of the soul as it connects to the intuitive rather than the rational mind. The purpose of empowerment rituals is to connect with what is in our highest and best good. As we perform rituals to manifest something, such as a job, a romance, or a new home, we are calling on our super conscious to bring the cosmic energy into alignment to create our desire.

I’ve been told that the first twelve days of a new year are the most important to pay attention to for what we want to manifest in the new year. Pay attention to how you answer the questions below, revisit and update them during the twelve days. Clean out your drawers and closets, getting rid of the old.

What brought you joy in the last year?

What lessons did you learn in the last year?

Where did you experience grief during the last year?

What do you want to release from the old year?

Who do you want to help this year?

How do you want to play in the new year?

Where do you want to experience growth in the new year?

What do you want to manifest in the new year?

How will you affirm you are worthy of what you want to manifest?

Burn what you want to release and keep your hopes for the future.

Happy New Year!