Meeting World Challenges

The world has been sorely challenged over the last several years. Covid, climate challenges and now the war between Ukraine and Russia and a nuclear threat puts the world at the greatest risk it has seen. Each of you has to decide what attention you will give the world’s needs.

I am both a spiritual and political person and often struggle with how and where to put my energy for the greatest good. Below is what I am asking of my Angels and Guides. Without judgement, I acknowledge it is up to you to decide what, if anything, you will do.

I call on my Angels and Guides to add my energy to the Universal energy to focus on bringing a swift resolution to the military conflict with minimal loss of lives. I ask that, as a part of the human race, we come together to recognize the damage we’ve caused to this wonderful place we call home, and make cleaning our environment the next highest priority. I ask that as part of cleaning our environment we recognize it benefits all of us to help feed and house those without food and shelter. I ask my Angels and Guides to show me how to live in this place called Earth to heal, love others and be together in peace.

For the good of all, so be it.