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Notes from J

The first day of May is Beltane, which symbolizes fertility and marks the coming of summer. When my children were about five through eight years old, they would raid my flower beds (and sometimes those of neighbors), make child-like bouquets, and place them on the porches of several neighbors. They would ring the doorbell, run and hide and wait for the surprised occupant to open the door, giggling the entire time. They never told me ahead of time what they were doing. Now, as adults on May 1, they almost always fondly mention what fun this day represented for them.

Spiritually, the blossoms in May represent renewal and rebirth. Try to connect with the optimism that is represented by bulbs deep in the earth poking themselves up in glorious color, shapes, sizes, and smells. Let’s try to make the most of the hopefulness represented by these bright, beautiful flowers. Embrace what might come into our lives. 

This month I’m sharing the third step in manifesting what you want to call into your lives. This method does work, and sometimes having someone help stay on track, give encouragement, or point out potential blocks can be helpful. Please let me know if you would like me to be that someone. I have two spaces available.

Thank you for being a part of my readership. I love the feedback you’ve been sending, and I do respond to every message.



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                                                                                     Coaching Corner

Working with Your Guides to Manifest, Part 3

How successful have you been at manifesting what you want to call into your life? For the last 2 months I’ve shared the first two steps in how to manifest what you want in your life. And it works! This is a method I’ve used with my clients for years and that I’ve used in my own life. I know it works, my clients know it works, and you can make it work for you. This method seems easy, but for those not accustomed to working with their guides, it can be a challenge. 

To review step 1, go here to my February newsletter. In this first step you are given the simple, but often overlooked, step of building a relationship with your angels and guides, or spiritual partners. They are here to guide you and work with you to create a life for your highest good. They are here because they love you and will always be here for you. Your first task in manifesting is to create a relationship with them of trust. Ask them to give you a sign, tell them what you want to manifest, play with them, listen for them with your heart. The challenge to step 1 is becoming comfortable and believing that you are communicating with your guides.

The second step to manifesting can be accessed here, in my April newsletter. The second step in manifesting is to clearly state what you want to create or call into your life. Maybe what you want to manifest is a new job, or a relationship, or a place to live. Talk to your guides specifically about what you want them to help you manifest, write down the details, and then repeat the details out loud, ending the statement with, “this or better.” The challenge to step 2 is to be clear and concise with what you want to manifest and to have the trust to believe in your guides.

This month, we are looking at the third step, which is often the most challenging. In this step you are to believe that you are worthy to receive what you want to manifest. The truth is that you do deserve what you want to manifest, as long as your desire harms none. You were put on this earth to experience life, and I believe that a part of that experience is working with the mystical (angelic, magical, whatever you call it) realm. If you feel unworthy, examine why you feel that way. 

Let’s say that you are looking for a promotion; maybe you haven’t had the same qualifications as your competitor. Perhaps those qualifications aren’t really necessary, and you have something else to offer which is equally of value. If additional experience is necessary, you may be provided with opportunities to get that knowledge. 

Sometimes what we want to manifest takes more time than we want it to because our spiritual partners are providing opportunities for success with that manifestation, or they are preparing for something better. Whatever the reason, your job in step 3 is to trust that you are worthy of your guides working with you to create that which is in your highest and best good. The biggest challenge in step 3 is to believe that you are worthy and deserve what you want to manifest and that your guides are working with you.

Here’s an example of how these principles work. I’ve been working with a man who has wanted to change his living arrangements for about a year. When we first started on step 1, he was willing to ask his spiritual guides to help him manifest the perfect living situation. He said he believed he was communicating with his guides. However, when he finished the exercise of talking to his guides, he would then relate to me, and anyone else around, all of the reasons his manifestation might not work. He didn’t seem to realize that he was still communicating with his guides, because everything he said was communicating with them.

He did well with part of step 2, that is, writing down what he wanted to manifest. But he didn’t write it as a manifestation; he wrote it as a letter to his agent explaining the trade he was willing to make. His problem was that he pretty much left his guides out of this step.

He seemed to work through step 3, saying that he deserved the new housing situation because it would be a smaller residence. However, it took him almost a year to really release his old residence so that everything could be put into motion.

It has taken him a year, but he has manifested his perfect housing situation. Once he realized that he wasn’t really ready to give up the larger residence, calling on his guides was not 100% genuine. He had to really understand that what he wanted to manifest was better than what he had, and, finally, he had to know that he is worthy of the new housing situation.

In summary, these are the steps in manifesting what you want:

  1. Connect with your guides.
  2. Communicate what you want to manifest.
  3. Accept that you are worthy to receive the best from the universe by way of your guides.

It’s not always easy to see when you are your own obstacle to getting what you want to create. Be willing to ask a coach or a friend for help if you feel like you just can’t make it work. Please call me if you like to chat about what you would like to manifest your future.

Tarot, Minor Arcana                                                                                                          Goddess Tarot, Kris Walder

As mentioned last month, even though I still love using Tarot of Empowerment deck I co-created with Gordana Curgus, I’m once again playing with the Minor Arcana Tarot cards from different decks. This month’s deck is the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr, which we will use to explore the meaning of the 2 card in each suit.

In general, the number 2 represents duality, balance, harmony, and partnership. The Major Arcana connected with the number 2 are High Priestess and Justice.

In general, Swords in Tarot represent the intellect or the mind, and the 2 of Swords represents the mental conflict between choices to be made when there are different perspectives. When the 2 of Swords comes up, it’s a good time to go internally to connect with your highest good, which is your true self. The blindfold in the illustration represents going into the subconscious.

The Cups in Tarot is associated with the element of water, which represents the emotions. The 2 of Cups is about connecting, usually with one other person. This card does not always represent a romantic connection; rather it could be about one of your family members, or a business alliance, or even a stranger. It could also be choosing between two different people. Whoever it is, it is likely to be a deep relationship.

In the Goddess deck, the Wands are represented by Staves, both of which represent the element of fire. This suit is about passion, drive, and spirituality, and the 2 can symbolize the choice between alternative passions in your life and what drives you. The wall between the Staves suggests she is not quite ready to commit to a path.

Pentacles are associated with the element earth and represent money, work, or the physical world. The 2 of Pentacles represents at least two choices between opportunities or priorities. The infinity sign suggests that there is time to make the decision, not to rush, and to trust in the process.

Numerology, May is a Universal 3 month

As a reminder, we find the Universal Month by adding the Calendar Month (May is 5) to the Universal Year, which is found by adding all of the numbers in the current year (2023) and reducing them to a single digit (7): 5+7=12, reduced to 3.

The energy of 3 is creativity, good communication, unique thinking, and the love of having fun. The Universal energy that everyone feels this month will have these characteristics, but remember, the energy of any number is linear and goes from very positive to difficulty dealing with the attributes of that number. In general, the 3 energy this month is likely to be light, fun, and expansive. There will be opportunities for collaboration and trying new things.

Your Personal Month number will largely determine how you work with the 3 energy. Find your Personal Month number by adding your day of birth to your month of birth and the current year (do not use your birth year). Then reduce the number to a single digit.

Personal Month numbers in a Universal 3 month are below:

1 – Your creative energy will be very high this month, and you are likely to start new, fun projects.

2 – You may find it difficult to balance all of the energy you find in yourself in this month.

3 – You are likely to feel hyper all month as you have so many ideas and projects that you want to express.

4 – Your desire for organization and stability may be at odds with the exuberance of the 3 Universal energy.

5 – You may find May a bit chaotic, as both the 3 Universal Month and the 5 Personal month call for new adventures.

6 – You will possibly find a sense of joy and creative ways to complete your responsibilities this month.

7 – You are likely to find yourself exploring ways to be creative and fun beyond this month.

8 – You would do well to find creative ways to manage different financial aspects of your life.

9 – You will find joy in letting go of what no longer brings you happiness and creativity.

Sky Influences

Sky Influences

Full Moon and eclipse in Scorpio, May 5: This is a time of a lot of unexpected closure and endings. Be patient and kind to yourself.

Mercury goes direct, May 14: Take a deep breath. The retrograde influence may be around for a day or two longer before the confusion and disruptions end.

New Moon in Taurus, May 19: Evaluate where you are in your life, appreciate what is working, and set new goals where appropriate.

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