March Birth Stones

Since 1912 the official U.S. “modern” birthstone list has been the American National Association of Jewelers, which is used by jewlers to define the month stones. Two other lists include the mystical birthstones which are originally from Tibet and date back over a thousand years. The Ayurvedic birthstone list is the oldest, dating from 1500 B.C. in ancient India.

March Birthstones
Modern – Aquamarine: Associated with the Throat chakra, aquamarine helps overcome the fear of speaking. Aquamarine encourages service and healing to the world and to humanity. It’s energy is compassionate and supports taking responsibility for ones’ actions. In stressful situations that demand compromise and negotiation, it can provide strength and courage while speaking with clarity and reason. It is sometimes used to heal or soothe anxiety.

Mystical – Jade: Jade is the ultimate “Dream Stone,” said to help one understand dreams. It’s also used to access the spiritual world and is often used to better comprehend the meaning of rituals. Jade has long been used as a protective talisman and powerful healing stone. It is said to bring good luck and wisdom while releasing the negative. Jade has long been a symbol of love and virtue.

Ayurvedic – Bloodstone: In antiquity Bloodstone was called Heliotrope, the Sun Stone and said to bestow the blessing of healing. It was reputed to have a coagulant effect that could cure most wounds and was carried for protection and courage. Heliotrope was used ground or powdered, and mixed with honey to cure tumors, draw out snake venom and staunch hemorrhages.

In the Middle Ages Heliotrope became known as the “Blood Stone” was said to have been formed at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, when the blood of his wounds fell onto the dark green earth and turned to stone. It was also believed to have magical properties with the ability to control the weather.