Make a Shift

Do you feel like something in your life needs to shift, but you don’t know what. Do you feel like the house is tumbling down and you’re dog-paddling just to keep up with your life?

For many of us, when we feel in danger, our instinct is to do something – anything – because we want to feel in control. Yet, if you incorrectly anticipate what the shift is, or where it will take you, you could end up under the tumbling house down.

Take a just a brief moment to pause and take a breath. Ask yourself if everything that you are doing in your life is essential to do at this time? What are the consequences if they are not done right now? Are there a few things you can put off today and take the time to regenerate? Is there someone who would be able to help out for the moment, even to just listen to you and give you a hug?

Now that you have created this moment, evaluate how YOU would like your life to shift rather than letting the universe determine the shift. State your intention for change, put your intention into the ethers, claim your intention and vision it becoming a reality. Expect some bumps, but stay on the journey.