July Birth Stones

I use birthstones as an excuse to highlight different stones in the course of the year. Remember, you can use the energy of the stone at any time, no matter when you were born.

This month’s stone is the passionate, courageous Ruby. The color red is often associated with the root chakra and the physical world.  It can assist in grounding your energy and stimulating healing energy, as well as activating your sexual drive.

Ruby –
Esoterically Ruby is said to be protective and resistant to negative energy. Turn to ruby when your energy is depleted or you want to call in more passion to your life.

Carnelian –
In the ancient cultures of Arabic civilization the July birthstone is Carnelian. Carnelian was said to guard against evil, and should disaster befall a traveler to guard the soul after death. Similar to the Ruby, Carnelian is said to help purify the blood, as well as relieving menstrual cramps and associated back pain. It was sometimes worn to help cure fertility and increase passion.

Onyx – In the old world of Hebrew, Italian and Roman cultures Onyx is the July birthstone. In some very early civilizations Onyx was feared. In China Onyx was considered such bad luck that only those with no other way to make a living went into the Onyx mines. And then the Onyx was sent to faraway lands where it was not feared. Onyx now is use to integrate the dualities within the individual.  It is used to build up mental and physical strength to help the user be in control by helping one center and connect with one’s High Self. Onyx has intense energy that may be challenging for everyday wear.

Since 1912 the “modern” birthstone list is generally used by jewelers to define the month stones.

The mystical birthstone list is originally from Tibet and dates back over a thousand years.

The Ayurvedic birthstone list is the oldest, dating from 1500 B.C. in ancient India.