2022 Numerology

2022 is a Universal 6 year -Unconditional love, balance, responsibility. As 2021 comes to an end, so too will the chaos of the 5 energy slow things down. The energy of 5 is all about change. So much of 2021 was filled with contradictory and changing information from the pandemic to work and school schedules, to openings and closures.

The energy around 2022 is a 6 Universal Year, which is about unconditional love, balance, and responsibility. This may be the year that you recognize the importance of self-love and be responsible in a way that demands that you balance between work and home.

During this 6 year, take time to look deeply within yourself to decide what contributions you want to make to the world, how you will contribute to a meaningful relationship, and what steps to take to bring stability to your life.

January is an 7 Universal month

7 Universal Month

The desire to ponder and explore new ideas and opportunities

The 7 energy is about analysis and understanding. It’s a time to review your values, reconnect to spirit, and examine your purpose in life. This can sometimes lead to confusion and fear as you seek to identify your place in the universe. As confusing as it may be, don’t give up on life; rather, surrender to your highest good. To surrender is to let your heart open, asking for help and listening and feeling for the answer.

I suggest that you use the power of the New and Full Moons to strengthen your intentions.