It Will Be Okay

For most of us, it really will be okay. Most people I know are going through periods of lethargy, fear, occasional happiness (just short of joy), loneliness and grief.

I’m seeing in my coaching and reiki clients people who are doubting themselves in ways they never have before. All of their vulnerabilities have been exposed through an overabundance of self examination. These are strong people who have sought the road to self empowerment. These are people who have chosen to face life head on. These are people looking into the face of fear. These are people experiencing the grief of the loss of a way of life.

Know this. Your world has been turned upside down, not just because of the quarantine, but because your very beliefs and assumptions are in doubt. And this is true in every country in the world, in every government, in every institution, in every medical center, in millions of households.

All of our norms are out the window: shopping, recreation, fraternizing, religious gatherings, and greetings. Most of us have assumed that we can go to our family if someone is ill. Most of us assumed we would be available to help a friend in need. Most of us assumed we could make travel plans. Most of us assumed an upcoming summer would be filled with barbeques and shared friendships. We can’t make those assumptions now.

Even those of you who are not empaths are experiencing the energy of confusion and the grief is palpable. It’s not just you. It’s not personal. It’s hard to find an anchor because our schedules and relationships are often undependable and unpredictable.

So, it’s okay if you are feeling stressed or out of sorts on occasion. It’s okay if you don’t seem to have the interest or energy in completing those projects you always meant to get to if you only had the time.

Most of all, it’s okay to indulge yourself. To be on the phone, in the tub, on Zoom (or not), to read a book, or to watch tv in the middle of the day.

My suggestion to most of my clients is to make small goals in the area of personal, family and community connection. Make a goal to take a step in personal growth (it can be a very small step), it could be connecting with a family member you haven’t talked to in a while, it could be ordering from a local restaurant. Try to do something every day, and if you can’t, love yourself. Forgive and know this period of confusion will end.

Hugs to you.