If you could, would you? Facing the “Shoulds”

The theme of many readings lately has been around the dilemma concerning what a person thinks s/he “should” be doing, rather than what the person wants to do. In a moment, I’ll let you know how being a victim of my own limited thinking delayed my commitment to what has become my life’s passion and purpose.

In almost every instance, including my own, there was a presumption that what the person wanted to do was not viable, proper or possible. In every case the cards pointed out that the person’s “should” and “want” were not contradictory.

In every case it was a matter of rephrasing either the “should” or the “want.” Let’s look at two examples. We’ll call person one, Sam. Sam wanted to go have fun, going to festivals where people want to transform the world, listening to music and meeting like minded people. However, he had started a business and felt that the business was what he “should” be doing. Well, the reading showed that what Sam really needed to do was to combine the festivals and the business. His product was perfect for the festival crowd and his presence there promoted his business as well as his personal philosophy.

The second example actually comes from my own life. Every time I made a career move in the last 15 or 20 years I felt a nudge from Spirit to do the work I love: tarot, coaching, teaching and healing. Each time my ego convinced me that I needed a “real” job and I continued to do my spiritual work on the side because I thought that’s what I should do. That is, until one night when I heard a voice say, “You will never make another dime unless you put us in the middle of your work.” In the morning the same voice said, “Remember, not one more dime.” And here I am, writing to you.

Once I reframed what I do, using language that embraces what I actually do, I was thrilled. I am an Empowerment Coach and I use Tarot as a tool to provide new perceptions and begin new conversations for my clients.

I invite you to go to the one card draw and ask the cards for the key for you to be able to do what you want.