Fall Equinox – Time for Harvesting

On September 22-23 we celebrate the Fall Equinox, the day when the sun is equally divided between light and dark. In ancient times it was a day of recognizing that the last harvests would be coming in, and the last celebration of abundance as the animals that could not be fed in the winter would be slaughtered for great feasts.

The air changes with the new frosts, leaves change into colorful flags, schools start, schedules change and life goes on. With all of modern conveniences we often forget to touch the energy of the ancients. We can get any food we desire, any time of the year. We forget the rituals of the seasons.

I suggest you be aware of the lessons and healing opportunities in this Fall season, and in every season.

Take a moment to reflect what you planted in your mind, body and spirit six months ago during the Spring Equinox when we were moving to greater light. How is your harvest? Has your crop of ideas, projects, goals been abundant?

If you didn’t consciously plant seeds think about what has happened in your life in the last 6 months. What do you want to take forward and what do you want to release?

Enjoy your harvest. Feed your mind, body and soul. Evaluate and celebrate your crop. If the crop was not abundant decide if you still feel inclined to pursue those goals for a richer life, however you would define richer.

Acknowledge what you did correctly and what you will change in the future. Set new goals or reaffirm old ones. Use the winter months to feed the soil of your hopes and dreams. Put a cover crop of your dreams to feed it until the spring.