Energy Cleansing to Sell Your House

Selling your home is an emotional issue – even when you are moving towards something you have long desired. I read the energy to help release the hold on the house or property. Usually a releasing ceremony, specific to your situation, helps you let go of the property and make that sale.

I find homes sell more quickly when a person has a releasing ceremony for the property. You keep the happy memories and lessons even as you move forward with your life.

Releasing the property can reduce stress and help you sleep better.

Space clearing

“I still don’t know how to explain the difference – I can walk in any room and not feel the hostile energy from my ex. I feel safe, thank you.” JA

Have you ever gone into a house, apartment or room and felt uncomfortable for no apparent reason? You were probably intuitively reading negative energy from the place.

When you move into a new place, or have been through emotional upheaval in the current location it can be useful to clear the energy. You never know what kind of energy is left behind from the experiences of previous tenants or owners, so cleansing is important. It’s best not to carry a stranger’s drama!

Clearings are useful whenever there is a major life change and it’s good practice to periodically cleanse your office, home, or car of old energy to create space for new, fresh, invigorating energy.