My style of healing is to use my tools (Tarot, Reiki, ritual, counseling) to help empower you to embrace your own power. My goal is to reveal your options for your highest good and then to explain how you can explore those options.

Recently I’ve been called upon to address questions about staying in a relationship, how a gay can come out to her family, whether to terminate a pregnancy, how to deal with a hostile boss, the best course to bring out a new tarot deck.

There are times you may not want to hear the answer because the solution requires more courage than you think you have at this time. Making a major life change can be daunting. I have no judgment about your decision.

Once you have the information about what needs to be done, the question becomes how to take that action. If you aren’t ready to take action we look at the best way for you to be in the situation as it is.

Calling on angels and guides helps me to have the clarity for the true answer to come through clearly and with purpose. I ask that “my own opinion does not enter this reading in any way without so stating.” I say this so that I may absolutely distinguish between what the guides have to say rather than what I think is the correct answer. And there are definitely times that my guides and I differ in opinion!

When that happens I interpret what the cards say and then I explain the different conclusion my human opinion had about the situation. I think it’s helpful for the people I’m reading for to get that distinction between me the human, and the message from the high spirit guides. I defer to the information from the guides after ensuring I’ve interpreted the cards as they wish. I’ll also pull clarifying cards to better understand the consequences of following the actions recommended by the guides.

It is my belief that we all have angels, guides or whatever name you want to give that energy that surrounds you, that wants you to reach your highest potential. You do not have to read cards to find the connection to your guides, but it will benefit you to find your own way to learn to distinguish between the human mind and higher self. Once you learn to listen you will then start the lessons about how to accomplish the action the higher self suggests.

Like anyone, just because you have answers doesn’t mean you will take action, and that has to be okay for the moment. Life is continually unfolding. When action is required to change a situation you need to have the information, the how to, and the daring to take action. Taking correct action is what it means to be empowered.