Using Numerology for a Job situation

A client with a 1 personal year wanted clarity about a job situation, which I address below.

Your personal year, based on your birthdate, is a 1 energy. In the Tarot the 1 energy is represented by 3 cards: the Magician 1 (manifesting something new), the Wheel of Fortune 10 (change), and the Sun 19 (rebirth). Together your birth energy and these cards suggest 2014 will be a good time for new beginnings and being able to manifest what you want to call into your life.

Your also have an abundance of 1’s from your birth numbers November which is an 11 and the day which is a 1. This 1 energy supports your personal year energy.

For your reading I pulled 4 cards representing a) what to release, b) how to release it, c) what to call in, d) what is your gift.

Your reading indicates that it’s time to release your focus on what you lack (R Knight of Earth) and to bring balance to your life by being patient and working with the higher power as well as the physical world (Temperance).

You are best served by creating a plan of action that takes you down the road of new career and opportunities. (Chariot) Have you been so focued on what you can’t/don’t have that you are losing the flexibility to see new options?

Finally, your gift at this time is about giving up your personal struggle. This card reenforces the first card to stop focusing on what you lack, but on what strengths you have. (R 5 Wands)

At first glance this reading may seem full of contraditions. On the one hand you are being told to give up your focus, on the other hand, you are looking at manifesting, which demands a certain level of focus and concentration.

What you are being asked to give up is the focus on lack. Manifesting should identify what to call into your life and how to work with your angels and guides to make it happen.

Manifest what you want by deciding what you want to create, for example, a job to enjoy which brings financial security. Then use the words of power as shown here.

Good luck, Diane, let me know how this works for you.