Clearing Psychic Gunk

Yikes! Psychic gunk! Do you feel like someone or something is sucking up your energy? You just can’t get away from your (pick one or more) mother, in-laws or, exlover? You get the idea.

Well, it seems like there is something in the air because as we headed towards the end of 2010 and this first month in 2011 I’ve had several requests for cleansing rituals. In some cases people feel like the energy is being sucked out of them. In other cases it’s because there is property they want to sell and some kind of energy is binding them to it (both properties sold after a ritual I did on the property!). In one case it was to cleanse a pre-owned vehicle to make it safe and to run well.

Here’s a ritual that many of my clients have found useful for personal clearing that works if you’re feeling exhausted and don’t know where your energy is going, or if you have difficult relationship in your life. I’ve been told over and over that this is very effective.

Personal Cleansing and Energy Release
Light a candle and take a bath with scented water. Use a flat stone or implement to signify scraping off any attachments. Start with the intention that you are releasing EVERYONE, knowing that at the end of the ritual those that are good for you will reattach.

Go over your body from your head to your toes with the stone while repeating, “I release all cords.” Be as thorough as possible. Any places you miss (like your back) will be okay because your body and guides understand your intention. Many people and scenes may come up. Just let them pass like a slide show. Some may be people or events you have forgotten. Don’t stop to analyze, just let them all go.

Stay in the bathtub and drain the water so that you don’t track the psychic “gunk” in your living space. Turn the shower on and wash from head to toe.

People often tell me the water actually feels oily or dirty at the end of the bath and are happy to take the shower. People are often very tired at the end of the ritual and take a bath or go to bed for the night and find that’s very healing.