Celebrating 50 Years of Happy Marriage

This last month Larry and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with our families. Anyone who knows Larry understands why we have been married so long. He’s handsome, funny, intelligent, gentle and kind.

I’ve been asked how we’ve been able to still find joy and romance over the years, so here’s a rundown on what’s worked for us.

1. Our vows were to Love, Honor and Compromise. To obey would imply that one person would have power over the other.

2. We have encouraged each other to be empowered to achieve our dreams and to become more of who we are because we have the support of the other.

3. We respect the contribution of the other and appreciate how those skills support our relationship.

4. We decide each year if we want to “keep doing this,” and if we do want to, state why we want to stay together.

5. Every day we say, and mean, that we love each other.

To love another means you must accept that you are a good person worthy of love. So begin the journey of partnership by acknowledging that you love yourself.

Blessing and hugs,