Change Old Patterns

Are you ready to change a pattern of struggle, martyrdom, and survival to balance, peace, joy and ease?

Below are 5 steps to help you to change your life:

1. Believe that your life does not have to be filled with grief and struggle.

2. Look at your actions over the past year and look at the consequences of those actions. Have you taken actions requested by others rather than what you “knew” was what your wanted to do? Have you made decisions based on short term rather than long term consequences? Have you tried to establish what patterns you have developed in order to recognize them when they come up in the future?

3. Establish boundaries. Stop yourself when you are becoming exhausted because your decisions will not be well considered. Be clear about your boundaries with others so that you can meet your own needs.

4. Make decisions that are in your best interest rather than always taking the back seat to other people’s interest.

5. Pay attention to what makes you feel peaceful, in joy and balanced and seek out those circumstances.

When you are taking care of yourself you are acting in the highest good. Your guides are here to help you. What frustrates them is when you become so entangled in the problems of others that you cannot, or will not, listen to their guidance.