Actions Toward Empowerment

Be aware, responsible and conscious of your own attitudes, actions and beliefs. Take a day to work on each of these. Really observe yourself over a period of a week or a month to become aware of what you like and what you want to change.

What is your attitude towards yourself and others in regard to the following words: forgiving, judgmental, accepting, fanciful, joyful, truthful, optimistic, sincerity.

What are your actions towards yourself and others when you feel the following: Anxious, happy, sad, intimate, regretful, safe, comfortable.

What are your beliefs about yourself and other regarding the:

past, future, afterlife, possibilities, manifesting, partnership, change.

As you review the words under each of these categories think about how satisfied you are with your attitude, action or belief regarding yourself and others. Decide what you want to change. Take one thing you want to change and work on just that one thing.

You become empowered when you recognize what you want to change. You are empowered when you are successful in making the change.

Please let me know if you would like some assistance or clarification.