A Healing for your Inner Child

A lack of self-worth is often an obstacle to brightly shinning your light. The feeling of inadequacy usually comes from woundings received during childhood. Sometime we know of a particular incident, or sometimes the feeling of unworthiness comes from repeated negative message as we were growing up.

That wounded child within you needs to be healed by you. This is a meditation that can help you nurture and mend your child’s soul.

Sit quietly and think of the child you were. Whatever age comes to you is the correct age for this exercise. You will likely do this meditation several times and the age may always be different.

Close your eyes and imagine you are with this child. As a child, how would you have liked to have been treated? Does she need gentle encouragement, love, cuddles, or assurances? Whatever you think she needs IS what she needs. Trust your intuition.

If you remember a particular incident, play it back as you wish it had been, rather than what it was. Stay with this child as long as is comfortable. At the end of the exercise let her melt into your heart.

Blessed be.