This is what I provide:

  • Two 1 hour consultations per month. The consultations will be by phone or in-person and can be broken up into half hour segments if preferred. Empowerment exercises developed specifically for you to address the goals we identified in the first meeting.
  • A response within 48 hours to every Life exercise and assignment you submit.
  • Unlimited brief email and/or phone responses throughout the month as you request.

This is what you provide:

  • Keep me updated about the issues we discuss.
  • Complete your assigned exercises.
  • Keep our agreed upon appointment schedule.

The number of people I mentor at any one time is limited and I have 1 space open at this time.

Reiki Healing

I’ve been a Reiki master for over 20 years and a Therapeutic Touch healer before that . Energy healing is a clothes-on healing that takes place on a massage table. Subtle energy is transferred through my hands to your body.

Reiki can be used to

  • Promote natural self-healing
  • Balance the energies in the body
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Treat symptoms and causes of illness
  • Relieve pain
  • Relax and reduce stress and grief.

Empowerment Tarot Readings

  • Empowerment is being willing to look at your life and identify the changes you want to make to yourself, for yourself.
  • Empowerment is being willing to release people, situations, and ideas that are not in your highest good.
  • Empowerment is being willing to push boundaries and explore new thoughts and actions.
  • Empowerment is having the courage to walk in the fog of the unknown until you have clarity.

Weddings and Ceremonies

As a Reveeand I can officiate at weddings and other life celebrations. I work with clients to create memorable ceremonies that reflects their values.

All ceremonies are non-denominational.


I offer full day or evening classes in an intimate setting for small groups.
Some samples:

  • “Becoming Who You Want to Be”
  • “Forgiving Others, Healing Yourself”
  • “Learn to Manifest”
  • “Connecting to your Guides”
  • “Tarot as a Tool of Empowerment”

Invite me to your group, home or gathering center.