November 2023

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This month I’m going to give you a summary of a workshop I sometimes offer about how to work with your angels and guides. During the workshop, we practice detailing what each person wants and clarify how best to communicate with our angels and guides. We also look for signs that they are communicating with us. I hope that you enjoy this newsletter; you are welcome to ask me questions or clarifications.

It is important to remember that, when you are working with your angels and guides or with any magic, it is not legitimate to try to make another person do or feel something. This is about you.



                                                                                     Coaching Corner

How to Manifest with your Angels and Guides

Some people call them guides, some call them angels, and others call them guardians.

Essentially, they are beings who are in your aura and whose purpose is to help you achieve your highest potential. I believe at least one has been with you since birth, and others come to you in the course of your lifetime. They are only here for that purpose.

When you communicate with these helpful beings, life will become easier and more purposeful.They are just waiting to hear from you so you can work as a team. Unfortunately, working with them may not always look like what you thought it would. Sometimes, the way to the end is indirect, and the end may not look like what you expected.

It can be difficult to trust that you have guardians, especially when you’re going through a difficult time. However, even if you aren’t sure you have guides, act as though you have them.

Trust, at least for this moment, that we all have guides, including you. Have no doubt that they have tried to communicate with you, but you may not have understood or heard the message.

Remember those “coincidences” of wanting to see someone and they gave you a call? Or taking action for no reason, other than sensing it had to be done and the time was right? Or wanting something and out of the blue it came into your life? That was the work of your angels and guides.

Setting the stage

Your guardians are here to help you achieve your highest potential. You are here, on this earth, in order to have a human experience. So often in the New Age conditioning we are told that we must ascend or move beyond the human experience. I don’t believe that at all. I believe we are here, on this plane, to do the human experience with all of its physical, mental, and emotional challenges and successes. In the process of these earthly experiences, we can learn to connect to the spiritual world, which can unite us with the One. Our angels and guides are that link between the spiritual and the One.

You may ask, “If it’s true the guides are here to help me reach my highest potential, why haven’t they saved me from the problems I’ve suffered in my life?” Your guides are just one ingredient in the mix of how your life moves forward. In all cases you have free will, and you make the decisions about, and determine your reactions to, situations that arise in this life. Your guides are your allies, not dictators.

In my coaching and Tarot readings I ensure the environment is safe and then invite our guides to use me as a vessel to communicate what the universe (the One, your guides) wants my client to know. Through these experiences, I’ve learned that although the guides are sometimes serious, they also have a wonderful sense of humor, and they love to play. They often show their humor through the irony of the card selected or the very specific wording of a message to you. Your guides will frequently show you a bit of humor in the moment. That’s not to suggest they ever laugh AT you, or that they don’t take you seriously. Laughter and joy open the heart chakra and encourage creativity and imagination. Pleasure and play open your heart chakra and let light into your soul.

The lesson for this month is to invite communication with your guides. Start by taking a moment to be quiet, and then say something like, “There is one power, the perfect power. I call on my angels and guides. I know you are with me, and I want to communicate with you. Please give me a sign.”

Look for the sign you have requested. It could be a thought or words that form a message about an issue you’ve been considering. It could come in the form of what you previously considered a coincidence, such as thinking of a person and then receiving a call or running into them.

I’ve had clients who really fight hearing their guides. They’ll often relate a coincidence that happened but brush it off. After you’ve had a “coincidental,” or other experience, practice communicating very clearly about what you want from them. They will help you if they know what you want, so it’s up to you to be clear about your intention.

When I enlist the aid of the guides in Tarot readings, the querent’s guides often give me clear exercises to be completed by the person. It might be to write something down or draw a picture, or even to visit a particular place. You must be clear about what you want to manifest and then follow what you understand your guide is trying to tell you. The message will often seem like your intuition, or the small little voice within you.

Communicate your intention clearly. For example, if your intention is to get a new job, begin by writing the characteristics of the job. Perhaps, your list might include a better financial situation, creative opportunities, fun co-workers, or the appropriate level of responsibility. Envision living with everything included in that list. Once you know what it is you want, ask your guides to manifest it with you.

When I was looking for a job, I called on my angels and guides. I was doing a reading for a new client and she mentioned she was leaving her current position because of a move. After talking a bit, I realized that job was exactly what I was looking for; it was in the esoteric world, it paid well, and the people were wonderful. I believe my angels brought this person to me because otherwise I would never have heard of the job.

Sometimes, you know what you want, your guides are trying to communicate with you, and yet, it might seem to you that nothing is happening. Actually, there are three things that typically get in the way of trusting that you are working with your guides:

1. Your intention wasn’t clear. Review what you are asking for and add some detail. Check with someone else to see if they clearly understand your intention.

2. You have a feeling that your guides are trying to show you what to do next, but it doesn’t make “sense,” so you don’t do it. Your guide may communicate through thoughts, by showing you a coincidence, or by putting a person with the answer in front of you. They communicate in many ways, so be open to whatever comes your way.

3. You know what you want, but in some deep way you don’t feel “worthy” of receiving it. This is the biggest culprit and, in my opinion, the hardest to resolve. You have to learn to trust that you are worthy of receiving whatever is in your highest good. Repeat: I am worthy of receiving whatever is in my highest good. (That can mean financial security, a good job, an understanding companion, a secure house.)

Set your intention clearly, trust your intuition, know you are worthy, and your guides will lead you to it.

In the Sky

November 13, New Moon in Scorpio: You will feel your wants and needs very strongly. This New Moon supports the theme of the month to begin talking to, and working with, your angels and guides. You are worthy to go after what you want!

November 27, Full Moon in Scorpio: This Full Moon reveals how to get what you decided you wanted during the New Moon. During this Full Moon, hone your skills, clarify your desires, practice clear communication with your Guardians.

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