March 2021

Judyth Sult’s March 2021

Empowerment Newsletter


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    Notes from J

Ahh! Do you feel the earth awakening? The days are getting longer, plants are emerging from the earth, and there is a certain optimism in the air.

Although it’s still a time to be wary of the covid 19 virus, there’s an indication that we may be coming to a time when new adventures can begin. More people are getting vaccinated, and, while it’s important to remain cautious with people outside of your household, warmer days and evenings make it more possible to visit with friends.

Since the major shutdown last March, this has been a difficult year for most of us. Many have lost family or friends, and most have been isolated from others.Few of us could imagine the losses the world would suffer from this pandemic.

Please take a moment to express your thanks for being here, your compassion to those who lost a loved one, and your blessings for those who have left us.



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Self-care for March

             Coaching Corner

March can be a turbulent month, weatherwise. You might find the spring storms reflected in your feelings and relationships. Calm one minute and stormy the next.

This is a good time to exfoliate your skin and attitudes or conflicts that create upheaval in your life. Look at your relationship with those around you and where there is conflict draw a card and ask yourself, “what is in my highest and best good to call into my life to have harmony in my life,” (you can draw a Tarot of Empowerment card here). Reflect on how the card can bring harmony to you.

Now, draw a card asking, “How is the next action for me to take that is in my highest and best good to work with the card above.”

Finally, draw a card that asks, “What is my challenge to being able to take the action for my highest and best good.”

This reading becomes a map that you can use in your daily life to explore changes that will bring you joy.

In 2021 March is the 8th month. (March is the 3rd month which is added to 5, the total of 2021.)

In Tarot 8 resonates with Strength.

Grace is your strength

Be gentle as you tame the wild beasts

Use compassion and healing powers for all

Draw on the strength of your naked truth

Be strong

The Sky Influences

Mark your calendar and do these exercises on the New and Full Moon

March 13, New Moon in Pisces

This is the time to set your intention to work with the magic of the unknown. Begin to prepare for the Spring Equinox by asking yourself these questions:

    *What can I manifest that is for my highest good?

    *How do I best align my emotions with my greatest good?

March 20, Spring Equinox

As we move to days of more light than dark, this is the time to plant the seeds to celebrate your future.

    *Think about what you want to manifest and celebrate in the next 6 months. Plant seeds, draw a picture, write a story or do another creative activity that calls your desire into reality.

    *Go into nature and bless the plants and the sunshine that nurtures all living things.

March 28, Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon in Libra calls on you to try to understand the “other,” whether that is a person or a situation. Libra is the planet of balance and justice.

    *What do I need to call into my life to understand those around me?

    *How do I best maintain boundaries that are in my highest good?

Please stay safe and feel free to email me

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