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Welcome to 2023! Happy New Year to you all.

You will learn a lot about your personal Numerology energy for 2023 in this newsletter. I’ve also included a Tarot reading about what energy we are likely to attract during the course of this year. You can use this reading as a model for you to do your own annual reading.

One of my goals this year is to have more opportunities to be engaged with my readers. To that end, I’m going to post an empowerment message each day in January on my Facebook page. As many of you know, in the past I’ve seldom been on FB, so this is a real commitment to make to you. Please let me know if these messages are of interest to you.

In spite of the December solstice, January and February always feel so dark. I looked up how much daylight we’ll be gaining; in Bellingham, from January 1 to January 31, we gain 1 hour and 22 minutes. By February, even though it’s 3 days fewer, we gain 1 hour and 29 minutes. Daylight time will vary depending on where you live, but it’s nice to know in the far Northwest that the days really are getting longer.

Make this the year to become best friends with the person you most want to be.



                                                                                     Coaching Corner

New Year Beginnings

The theme for 2023 is about living your best self. It’s getting in touch with that deep part of you that is the finest of who you are. Below are some tips for getting to that person, in the hope that you can be the ideal of yourself for longer and longer periods.

Learn to recognize when you are in the flow, that is, when everything seems to effortlessly fall into place and you love the person you are in that moment.

Determine what your truth is about you and your place in the world. Learn to distinguish between what you have been told by others and what you want in your heart to be true. What are the characteristics of the best of you?

Develop your own system to support how you can enhance those characteristics. Hear the validation from others when you bring the best of you to the light of the world.

Develop a daily practice that you are motivated to follow, one that support the qualities you want to have into your life.

Tarot Play

Deck: Tarot of the Spirit, by Pamela Eakins, Ph.D

My Tarot reading for each of us to individually follow in 2023 is below. The question posed is, “What can each of us do to be the best we can be this year?” In the center is the reading that has the theme for the year; it is then broken into 4 quarters. In each quarter is a card representing body, mind, and spirit.

Theme – Moon: Trust your intuition this year. See through the illusions in order to get to the truth of your life.


Body – 10 Wind(R): The end of a cycle regarding your health. Consider starting a program for your body to heal or to be in better shape.

Mind – 5 Wind(R): Beware of adapting fear and negativity from the media or those around you.

Spirit – Lovers: It is time to make the choice of doing things as you have in the past or doing them in a new way.


Body – Mother Water(R): Be kind to your physical self. Look at the areas you have been ignoring, and put your attention there to become healthier.

Mind – Justice(R): Gather all of the information before making decisions, especially legal contracts.

Spirit – 4 Earth: You will be supported if you are willing to take on the responsibility of helping society make changes for the greater good.


Body – Heirophant: Honor the deep connection to your physical body, your work, and home.

Mind – 10 Wind(R): If you become passionately obsessed with any area of your life, take a step back and break down the walls you have built.

Spirit – Judgement(R): Become in touch with the hidden possibilities within yourself, and release their potential.

Sep – Dec

Body – Tower(R): Be willing to put up with the disruption caused by making changes in your physical world.

Mind – Emperor: Explore how to lead members of your community in a way that is in the best interests of all.

Spirit – 4 Earth: Your beliefs are the key to helping others recognize their worth.

Numerology for 2023

In Numerology, each year holds an energy derived from adding all of the numbers of the year and reducing the number to a single digit. In 2023, we add 2+0+2+3 and we get the number 7. The energy of the 7 will influence everyone this year. In order to make the best choices this year, it’s important for you to calculate your personal number for 2023.

You calculate your Personal Year Number for the year by adding your birth day, birth month, and 2023. The Personal Year number for an April 21st birthday would be 4+3+7=14=5. This birthday is a 5 Personal Year.

The Universal energy in 2023 is about taking a pause and looking inward to find our deepest purpose in life. It is a pause before a reset. Looking inward will bring up shadows, both individually and collectively. You can expect a desire to reconnect with nature and to seek periods of solitude. The energy of 2022 was about nurturing others; 2023 is about finding yourself.

In the course of finding yourself, you may also feel pain as you run into those parts of yourself that you have hidden deep within. Stay with your search for the true you, and you will find the ability to heal those childhood wounds, as well as your own regretful actions and words.

Look for the joys involved with self-discovery this year. You are a unique individual with wonderful talents and contributions to give to the world. Celebrate your uniqueness. Have the courage to work with a coach or counselor to move through this year with grace.

1 Personal Year: You are experiencing the beginning of a nine-year cycle. New opportunities and directions will present themselves to you this year. Look ahead to determine what you want to accomplish during these 9 years. Take risks by trying new ideas, foods, relationships. The 1 energy is in perfect harmony with the contemplation of the 7 Universal energy.

2 Personal Year: Hopefully you learned a lot about yourself last year because it was a 1 year. This is the year when you will benefit from building personal and professional relationships. Be an equal partner in these relationships so that you carry your own weight, but don’t lose yourself. The 7 Universal energy will encourage you to understand more about yourself so that you bring your true self to your relationships. Your intuition may be stronger this year.

3 Personal Year: This year you may find more opportunities for creativity, communication, and travel. Even with the 7 Universal energy encouraging you to look inward, you will have the energy to discover creative avenues to express yourself. As you delve deep with the Universal 7 energy, you’ll find the most creative parts of the true you. This is a wonderful year to share your thoughts and feelings with friends.

4 Personal Year: The 4 Personal Year is setting the foundation for the future. As you delve into self-discovery with the 7 Universal energy, you’ll discover the building blocks for coming years. 2023 is the year to manifest your goals by paying attention to the details of what is consistent with your true purpose in life.

5 Personal Year: The 5 year can be somewhat chaotic, especially with the 7 Universal Year energy of going within to find your true spirit. As you delve deep within to discover your true self, you may find yourself releasing old bonds and limitations imposed on you from your own self-concept or from others. This year will most likely be a time of exploration and risk-taking.

6 Personal Year: Harmony and balance are the keys to a 6 Personal Year. As you delve into the 7 Universal energy to discover more about your own needs, you will learn how to give more to your loved ones in a balanced way. This will be the year when you face your responsibilities while maintaining a balance between work and home. Your focus this year will be about home.

7 Personal Year: The 7 Personal Year magnifies the effect of the 7 Universal Year. You will need more alone time for self-discovery. This is a year to rest, rejuvenate, and practice self-care. Beware of being self-critical or over analyzing. This is a great year to journal your insights and inspirations. Be patient with yourself. Try to find time to read, walk in nature, and find peace.

8 Personal Year: The 8 Personal Year is typically a manifesting year; however, in a 7 Universal Year you will find yourself applying that action around what excites your inner being. You will still have opportunities to be a leader and influencer to others, and to build and create in the material world, but you will find yourself doing so in a more stringently ethical way.

9 Personal Year: The 9 Personal Year is the last of a 9 year cycle. This is the year during which you clear out closets, projects, and relationships that no longer work for you. Working with the 7 Universal Year energy, you first discover what is in your highest and best good, then you eliminate those projects and people who do not support you. The 9 Personal Year clears things out so that you have space next year to begin a new 9 year cycle.

Sky Influences

January 6, Full Moon in Cancer: A time of feeling nurturing towards family and friends.

January 18, Mercury goes direct. (YAY!) The retrograde will still influence electronics, communication and transportation for a few days, but things will be less disturbed.

January 21, New Moon in Aquarius: While there is a concern about humanity, there may be a need to rein in unpredictable behavior.

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