January 2021

Judyth Sult’s January 2021

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Notes from J

Welcome to 2021! Thank you for being a part of my world. I appreciate each one of you!

In response to several requests from my readers, each of my 2021 newsletters will focus on rituals. At different times we will use numerology and tarot, as well as moon phases and seasons. From my role as a coach, each month I’ll offer suggestions for self-empowerment.

Rituals are just patterns of gestures that help you focus on your intentions, and the focus helps those intentions manifest in your life. Brushing your teeth is a ritual with the intention of having healthy teeth. Consistent brushing is likely to manifest healthy teeth. Just as you brush your teeth in your own way, do these rituals in your own way.

2021 will be about a lot of changes and opportunities for everyone. I encourage each of you to take control of your life by setting your intentions and then doing rituals to manifest the results you want.

Please let me know if you would like me to give you suggestions about how to create a ritual for a specific purpose.

2021 is a universal 5 energy (2+0+2+1). In numerology the 5 energy is about curiosity, individualism, and adventure. The Tarot card for 2021 is Advisor (click for meaning) in Tarot of Empowerment (Hierophant in traditional decks), which is about the curiosity and adventure of exploring spiritual growth.

Use the ritual below to get out of the energy of 2020 and become empowered to move into 2021!



Release 2020, Call in 2021

             Coaching Corner

Especially after the kind of year we’ve had, it’s important to release the energy of 2020 before moving into the energy of 2021. I suggest investing in a journal to keep track of your intentions, the rituals, and your reflections as we move through the year.

Begin by calling in your angels or guides to connect to your high self. Hold the intention to feel complete with releasing the old from 2020, and making space for what is in your highest good to call in for 2021.

Sit quietly and reflect on 2020. Remember back to the beginning of the year. Allow yourself to meander through your memories of the year—the good and the not so good. After a period of reflection, write the answer to each question below in your journal.

  1. What are you most grateful for from 2020?
  2. What were your biggest challenges in 2020?
  3. What did you learn about yourself in 2020?
  4. What have you completed that you will release before going into 2021?
  5. What do you intend to manifest for yourself in 2021? Specify what you want in terms of physical well-being, emotional balance,mental development, and spiritual growth.

When you’ve completed exercise above, sit quietly and imagine your life as it will be when you achieve what you want to manifest in each area.

Fold a paper so that you have 4 rectangles. On one rectangle write a heading of physical, on the next emotional, on the third mental, and finally, in the fourth, spiritual. Under each heading write what you want to manifest for that category. Then write one thing you can do in the near future to move towards your goal.

Keep this paper and add to it during the month.

Numerology – Your Personal Year and Month

The year 2021 is a 5 universal year. Numbers 1 through 4 are more personal, and numbers 6 through 9 are more esoteric. Five is the middle number between 1 and 9 and can often indicate a change of emphasis from the individual to society.

Mind you, the universal energy means that it is a subtle underlying energy for everyone whether they believe in numerology or not. The way each individual is affected by, and interacts with, the universal number depends on several other factors including birth name, birth date, and age.

Think of the energy influence as concentric circles of personal energy becoming stronger as it moves from the universal year to the personal day.

For now, we’ll just look the energy of your personal year and month for January. Calculate your personal year by figuring the number representing the month you were born: January = 1, February = 2, March = 3, April = 4, May = 5, June = 6, July = 7, August = 8, September = 9, October = 10 (reduces to 1), November = 11 (reduces to 2), December = 12 (reduces to 3).

Add the number representing the month to the number of the day you were born. Birth days with 2 digits are added together and reduced to a single digit, for example, 12, 21, 30 all reduce to 3.

Finally, add 5 (which represents 2021) to the numbers of the month and year. September 23 would have a personal year of 9+5+5=19, which reduces to 10 and then to 1.

For the entire year this birthday will carry the energy of new beginnings, leadership, inventiveness, and independence.

The personal month is determined by adding the personal year number to the number of the month. January is the first month, so 1 personal year will work with the energy of 2 in January (personal year+ month).

Even though there are likely to be a lot of unexpected changes in January (5 universal year), this leader (1 personal year) will be looking for opportunities that will encourage harmony, teamwork, and mediation (2 personal month) in January.

Calculate your personal year and month to learn how to be empowered to make the best use of your energy in January. Click here to read the meaning of the numbers

The Sky Influences

January 12, the New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto

Pluto is about transformation, and the New Moon is about setting intentions. On a universal level this suggests that people will be looking for new directions. What will your personal intentions be with this new moon?

January 28, Full Moon in Leo

Expect the confidence of Leo the Lion as we move into the energy of total brightness from the Full Moon. The Full Moon reveals the fulfillment of intentions you set at the new moon. How successful were you in manifesting your intentions?

January 30 to February 20, Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Aquarius is a social sign, so be very careful about your communication in or to groups. Mercury also rules technology, mechanics, and transportation, so be sure to take your time to speak or get some place. Try as hard as ever to hear, rather than to just listen. Be patient with others who may not know that this is the time to guard their communication.

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