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Notes from J

Wow! There is so much happening as we move into September. The theme for this 5 month is balance during transition. In September we experience the Fall equinox when the day is perfectly balanced between night and day, while celebrating the abundant end of the harvest. This is a good time for you to think about what you are harvesting from what you’ve grown in your life over the last several months.

One of the themes that comes up repeatedly with my clients is how to create the changes they believe would improve their lives. In the Coaching Corner, I discuss how to reframe your desires and how to work with your guides to make those desires more attainable.

The energy of the cosmos seems to work the themes of balance and transition with the Universal month number of 5, which means to expect the unexpected. Expecting the unexpected is a key lesson of working with your angels and guides. It’s both exciting and challenging.

Practice loving life and being in gratitude this month, and every month.



                                                                                     Coaching Corner

Speak for What You Want to Harvest in Your Life

There are a few steps in this month’s coaching, so follow through to the end.

Take a moment to think about what you want to call into your life. Are you being positive, or are you blocking your desires when you think about or verbalize what you want?

I’ve noticed that people often speak or write their desire in a positive way when they are doing an exercise to manifest, but their conversation often brings up the negative about the same subject. For example, as an exercise, a person may write that she wants a good job, but in conversation she consistently brings up what she doesn’t like about her job. Phrases that are often repeated are most likely to be manifested, so don’t just say the positive when you are in ceremony or a class.

Speak up for what you do want, rather than what you don’t want. For example:

I want a clean house, rather than, I don’t want to have a dirty house.

I want to be with a wonderful, compatible person, rather than, I don’t want to be alone.

I want to have wonderful communication with my partner, rather than, I don’t want to fight with my partner.

I want a job that is creative and supportive with good money, rather than my job is not interesting or challenging.

Try to catch yourself as you are speaking throughout the day to understand what you are actually manifesting.

Next, call on your Guides to help you manifest what you want to call into your life. It’s important to communicate directly with them so that they know you want their help. Just like you want to be acknowledged, your Guides want to be recognized by you.

The deal about working with your Guides is that you need to expect the unexpected. They work from a different realm than you do and have powers that can be bewildering. Have you ever had the experience of thinking about a friend and the phone rings to find them on the line? Have you ever wanted to purchase something and then suddenly the money shows up? These are examples of your guides wanting to be noticed. Imagine what you could do as a team!

So, call on your Guides, ask them to play, and let them know what you want, but don’t expect the outcome to manifest in a particular way. Expect what you want to come in an unexpected way.

Sky Influences

New Moon in Virgo, September 6. All new moons are a time to set your intention for what you want to manifest. The relationship of this Moon in Virgo to the other planets suggests that it is time to release confusion and the feeling (or reality) of being stuck. Go after what you want!

Full Moon in Pisces, September 20. Pisces is an intuitive and spiritual sign, so this could be a great time to communicate with your Guides. Tell them what you want their help with, ask them for a sign, and then pay attention!

Fall Equinox, September 23. Celebrate the harvest by supporting local farmers and/or restaurants by eating local. Have fun with the food in your region of the world.


Anticipating change

This is a reading I did for myself for September. Use these questions and pull from your own deck, or go here to draw cards.

What is the most important thing to call into my life at this moment?

Life Cycles, reversed. It’s important to realize that there is a major ending coming in my life around September. Because the card is in a reversed position, the timing is not immediate. Since I asked what to call in, it means that I must be willing to give something up that no longer serves me. An aspect of the Life Cycle card is that there is often grief associated with what is being left, but the leaving makes room for the new.

What is the most important thing to leave behind?

The Chaos card represents releasing my attachment to something that has been with me for a long time. The collapse of the bridge represents the past breaking of the past with the future. It’s in an upright position, so it relates to what I am calling into my life at this time.

How do I best move forward?

The World card is the last card in the deck and represents the celebration of completing the journey through the Major Arcana. The woman is dancing with joy and accomplishment. Like Life Cycles, the card calls for endings, but where that card is attached to grief, this card is celebratory.

All three cards represent ending, so I can expect there will be a major change for me in September and that my future will look very different from my past. I call on my Angels and Guides to give me strength through what could be a challenging time.

Numerology 9 Month, endings

September 2021 is a 5 month (add 9+2021=9+5=14=5). The numerological energy for the month is about change. Many people immediately groan when they are told to expect change, but think of how difficult it would be if nothing ever changed!

This month I suggest you take the lead on the energy for the month and decide where YOU want change to manifest in your life. When manifesting something new, you must be willing to give something up to make room for what you have called into your life.

You can calculate your Personal Month for September by going here.

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