Why Have a Tarot Reading

2012-04-17_18-47-09_914Tarot has an unfair reputation as being scary and an unchangeable prophesy of what’s to come. I look at Tarot as a healing tool whereby you learn how to steer your present in a direction that offers alternatives for a satisfying future.

Tarot helps you learn how to clear confusion, discover new perspectives and identify outdated patterns.

“Your readings are amazing and so much fun! I always get so much information that helps me make better decisions.” SL

People tell me that they have fun during my readings because the readings reveal positive solutions and suggest conscious actions towards self-empowerment. An outside objective perspective helps to clarity your situation and offers new alternatives. I call it getting off the hamster wheel of indecision.

In the course of the reading your guides (or angels) will often have very direct personal guidance for you. With Tarot you always have choices, not a loss of free will or unavoidable future. Readings are always focused on you and the tools you can employ for moving forward in your life.

Readings are especially useful in answering questions about how to

  • Find your purpose in life
  • Make choices between options
  • Get past or resolve blocks
  • Get insight into relationship issues
  • Resolve a business question

I read for individuals, couples and businesses. I offer Tarot parties special occasions like holiday, birthday, anniversary and bachelorette parties.

A popular reading when you don’t have a specific question is a reading to discover what you are likely to encounter over the next 4 months. Another popular reading is the Best Course of Action seen below.