The Suit of Earth

The Earth suit represents the physical world. In a traditional deck this suit was most often called Pentacles, Coins or Discs.

Earth is about money, work and health. It relates to how we are and what we do in the world. Earth is about manifesting, caring for, or acquiring a physical thing or a physical state. Each Earth card in the suit relates, in some way, to our association with money, objects or health.

Remember to associate the placement of the card, and how the placement relates to the question, before you make an interpretation of the cards in a reading. For example, the 2 of Earth will have a different meaning in the place of best course of action, than in the place of outcome. As a best course of action card, the 2 of Earth suggests that the best thing for you to do (regarding your question) is to be balanced around your spending (or health) habits.

As an outcome card, the 2 of Earth indicates that you will achieve balance if you follow through by doing whatever the card in the place of best course of action suggests that you do. Interpreting the cards is telling the whole story around your question.