September 2017

Judyth Sult’s September 2017Empowerment  Newsletter

Notes from J

A favorite duty for my job as a Reverend is the opportunity to be a participant in times of significant change in people’s lives. In addition to my usual counseling and healing this month I was pleased to officiate a wedding and ordain a new member of the Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards.

I ask all to add healing thoughts and prayers to the world. Please take a moment to send strength to those affected by natural disasters such as flooding and fires, not just in the US but around the world.

I also suggest we send energy to our world leaders to avoid rhetoric that challenges rather than calms perceived adversaries. We are all on this planet together.

Blessings and peace,

Rev. J


4 Steps to Empower Your Life

An Empowered life is one of confidence, vitality, consciousness. When you are empowered you are living the life you were meant to live. You bring happiness into your own life as well as others. You are able to accept and receive love from others. You know you are worthy.

1. Begin by practicing the belief that you deserve a life that is in your highest good. Being in harmony with your highest good will always feel right. Your new mantra, “I call on my guides to show me my highest purpose because I deserve a life of joy and fulfillment.”

2. Accept that when you call on the universe to bring you in harmony with your highest good it may not look like what you thought it would. Your ego may try to convince you that you want/need something else.

3. Establish boundaries. Be clear about your boundaries with others so that you can meet your own needs. Make decisions that are in your best interest rather than deferring to others.

4. Pay attention to what makes you feel peaceful, joyful and balanced and seek out those situations.

I wish the best for each of you and I am available to assist you as needed.


A Testimonial about How a Reading and

Reiki Work Together

In the situation below, the reading showed where there may be blocks. When I work with my guides and the guides of my clients I’m usually led to provide a “homework” assignment. When the person follows through and does the homework the results are usually amazing.

By following up with Reiki the individual received healing for the wounds that were exposed during the reading and huge vistas were opened up. Below is the result.

Hello Judyth:
Thanks for your reading and Reiki session. It had a profound effect on me. It opened things up. It was awesome.

I did my home work and wrote for a while on childhood words/names. The words were like prompts, and the writing just flowed out of me. I was happy with it. Things shifted on several levels. The sadness and grieving came up. That was a huge break in the thick armor. I was surprised at the outcome.

I will get back to you regarding a Reiki session in Sept.

Thanks again. Be well.


What is your card for September?

The card I pulled for September is Wheel of Fortune

Spin, Spin.

Embrace change;

Bring good fortune

Spin, Spin.

The Wheel of Fortune indicates being in sync with the Universe, and kowing it is time to pay attention to what it is trying to tell you. Times will change, and this is an opportunity to prepare for the future. Change can be very difficult for people who have a strong desire to control. The wheel will spin, and it is time for you to decide how you will accept and respond to the turn of the Wheel of Fortune.

You can pull your September card by clicking here.     [facebooklike]

Upcoming Reading Events

September 9, 10am to 5pm

Come for a reading at the Mystical Winds Holistic Fair at Fox Hall, Hampton Inn near Bellingham airport. FREE

October 7, 10am to 5pm

Mystical Winds Holistic Fair at the Anacortes Senior Center. FREE

Moon Cycles

You have all heard me say that I am not an astrologer, but I do like to pay attention to the full and new moons and the Fall Equinox

Mercury goes direct – September 5

Full Moon – September 6

A Pisces Full Moon suggests we explore our true intentions and what is motivating us in our lives. When our intentions and motivations are aligned we can reach our highest potential. Work with your intuition.

New Moon – September 20

The Virgo New Moon suggests you set boundaries and care for yourself before healing others. Identify your wounds and tend to them.

Fall Equinox – September 22

Celebrate the harvest and pay attention to the change of seasons. Release any burdens before moving forward toward the dark of winter.

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