September 2016

Judyth Sult’s September

2016 Empowerment Newsletter

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Dear Friends,

We are just leaving the new moon energy for this month and I’m led to ask for your feedback in setting my intentions for the coming months. First, thank you for reading my thoughts, discoveries and ramblings. Second, please, let me know what you like and where you would like me to focus my newsletter to satisfy YOUR desire to read it. Third, please feel free to share my newsletters on Facebook or forward to friends.

Look at this photo of the amazing September sky in the header. It seems to represent the clarity, clouds and shadows as a visual representation of what September is likely to hold for us. September is the 9th month and in Numerology the number 9

is about releasing what no longer serves you (the shadows) and getting clear about where your heart wants to lead you (the blue sky).

Introspection (Hierophant in the traditional deck) is the 9 in Tarot and the Moon, which is 18, reduces to 9. Both of these cards represent the energy of September. Click on the cards to read my interpretations from Tarot of Empowerment.

This month we also move through a full moon and lunar eclipse September 16 and the Equinox on the 22nd.  You can read my summary below from astrologer Mark Dodich’s newsletter.

I still have spaces left for my October 15 playshop. The veil is thin just before Halloween and we will be discovering how to pass through from where we are to our true selves. One exercise will be to create our own masks of truth. See details below.

Blessings to each of you,


PS: Remember there is a free card draw here. My card for today is Awakening

Awakening (Judgment)

Awake! Release old paradigms and patterns.

Listen to your intuition;

Choose freedom.

Celebrate who you are and soar to your highest potential.


Empowerment Playshop

Manifesting who you want to become

Come play in a safe, sacred place and discover how to

  • Choose what you want to believe, your beliefs make your world.
  • Accept who you are now and visualize what you want to become.        
  • Discover how to remove the obstacles to your goals.

In this 1 day playshop you will explore the how to be in touch with the very best of yourself. You will walk away with a new sense of self with tools to keep growing. You will be able to let go of barriers as you dispel old beliefs about your limits.
The veil between the worlds thins just before Halloween. This is a perfect time of the year to communicate with your angels and guides to guide you, to release the outmoded and to embrace the new.

The goal of this playshop is to empower you in a fun manner by using tools such as Tarot, ritual, and mask making to call in and manifest your life goal. We’ll be meeting at a beautiful private retreat home in Skagit County. The land is sacred and we’ll have the opportunity to explore our surroundings as we explore ourselves.

Details: October 15, 9:30am to 5:30pm Bring a sack lunch, shoes and jacket for possible rainy walks, an open heart and mind.
Fee: $100 includes all materials
Location to be announced to attendees. or (360) 305-1491

Empowerment Reminders

EMPOWER YOURSELF by validating yourself. Recently I went to a Woman’s Songwriting showcase and I was impressed with the empowering songs by Hope Macke. Even when referring to heartbreak her lines validated herself acknowledging the hurt, but not letting it define her. Lines from one of her songs: “I keep hoping and I keep wishing, dreaming, feeling and believing.” Believe in yourself.

EMPOWER YOURSELF by meeting life’s challenges with self-assurance and grace. Start each day with a mantra, such as, “I have confidence that my day will bring me joy, teach me valuable lessons, and show me how to be generous of spirit and love.” Write your mantra and refer to it throughout the day. Release the feeling that lessons need be negative and recognize that lessons are the tools for perfect growth and wellbeing.

EMPOWER YOURSELF by raising your vibration or frequency. You raise your personal vibration by focusing on the positive in your life. Start by really looking at what brings you joy and determine if you are spending your time and energy on those activities and people in your life. When you make it your intention to come from joy you will find joy, and celebrate life from a higher vibration. All of us will find ourselves in situations that are not joyful. Evaluate if there is anything in the situation that by changing your intention you can transform to a more positive situation. How are you positive today?

Lunar Eclipse and Equinox

I borrowed this summary of the significance of these cosmic events from Mark Dodich’s newsletter.  You can read his full report here.

“The lunar eclipse on September 16th in Pisces-Virgo asks you to pull back from the logical world to bring forth a new vision from outside the veils of this world. It also bursts illusions and asks you to practice forgiveness and compassion. It will open you to a higher vision of the world if you are willing to see beyond your day-to-day existence.”

The Equinox is on September 22: “The air element is strong in a chart cast for the next three months, and that means lots of ideas and lots of talk. However, the ‘follow through’ fixed signs are missing now, so know that not all of your brilliant ideas will come to fruition.”


I was recently honored to officiate at the wedding of Karl and Holly Luce.

If you are looking for an reverend for a life celebration please give me a call.

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