September 2015

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Judyth Sult’s September 2015 Newsletter

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Today is a delightfully cool Northwest rainy day after the hottest summer on record. I have a hot cup of tea and a small cozy fire to write by.

We hope to have our workbook, Explore the Major Arcana: A Workbook for Empowerment, available through Amazon for Winter Solstice and Christmas this year. It’s packed full of layouts, suggestions for how to ask questions, empowerment exercises and more. You can use any deck to do the exercises.

I’ll use parts from the workbook when I present a 2 hour workshop at New Renaissance Bookstore in Portland Oregon on Labor Day Sunday, September 6. Afterwards I’ll be available for readings. And guess what? September 6 is World Goddess day! See details here.

September 23 is the Autumn equinox which is a time of balance between day and night. It comes during the harvest which is when we celebrate abundance and completion.

Finally, September is a 9 month which coincides numerologically with the Tarot cards Introspection (traditional Hermit) and the Moon. Take a look below at their message of empowerment for this month.



Photo above is of a heron and ducks sharing at Lake Padden.

            9 Month: Working with Numerology and Tarot 

September is the 9th month so this month we’ll look at 9 energy. Nine is about self discovery, compassion and completion. The nine energy teaches you to bring balance into your life by releasing that which no longer serves you.

Introspection is the 9th card in the Major Arcana (Hermit in the traditional deck).

Seek and honor the wisdom within;
Share your knowledge, though others may not accept it.
Be willing to stand apart in your truth.
Accept, with compassion, that each of us has our own path.
Your wisdom shines for the world to see.

Introspection’s energy is about compassionate understanding. The message for Introspection in September is for you to go inward and align with your unique life path.

The Moon card is the 18th card in the Major Arcana. Adding the 1+8 creates another 9 energy.

Embrace the power and mystery of the night.

Listen to the secrets of the constellations.

Observe the subtle tides of your emotions;

Reveal that which is hidden.

You are empowered with Moon energy when you use your intuition to distinguish between what you want and what you think you want, between reality and illusion. The Moon can reveal that which is hidden.

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Take your readings to a new level with this Major Arcana empowerment workbook.

Major Arcana readings are very powerful and  to the point. In this workbook you will:

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September 6 Portland,

Workshop 11 – 1

Readings 3:30 – 7:30,

New Renassaince Bookstore. Contact New Renassaince at (503) 224-4929. 

September Ritual to Prepare for the Autumn Equinox

Between now and the Autumn equinox go within and review your life for this year, and then review

your lifetime.

Call on the power of Introspection to go within and explore your true needs.

What are the relationships, habits, or beliefs that feel as though they bring you to the light?

Which of those habits, beliefs or relationships have a dark, or hidden aspect to them?

Call on the power of the Moon to open your intuition to lead you on the next step of the journey.

Decide what issues to investigate in order to release them or to bring them to the light.

These are the issues to work on between now and the Winter Solstice at which time the light begins it journey to return.

Halloween is coming!

Contact Judyth for a private reading in person, or by phone or Skype. She is also available for parties and special events. (360) 305-1491.