September 2013

Judyth Sult’s September Newsletter

                                                                    Notes from J


Whether you are involved with school or not, September is the beginning of more regular schedules than during summer. It’s that brief period between long days of playing outside, travel, sunburns, and laughter, and the shorter days leading into the hectic holiday season.


Where will you be putting your energy this fall? I’ve slightly changed my look and am drastically changing the way I pursue my goals. This is the first fall in about 40 years that my husband, who retireed in June, will not be returning to school. This fall we’ll be exploring how we share our space and time together as friends, lovers, and roomates.


I’m excited to continue working with Gordana Curgus on our Tarot deck (see Strength below). Strength is this month’s card and I will practice the lessons that she has to teach us as I continue teaching, reading and coaching those who come to me for advice.


Another fun project that is being expanded is the monthly radio program with Janet Hickox of Living Astrology on Authentic Radio. We have so many listeners calling in that the program has evolved into a 2 hour program once a month. In response to listener’s questions, I respond using with Tarot, then Janet answers with an overview of their astrological aspects.


Call early! (917) 889-3818. Our next radio show is September 19 from 4 to 6.


I truly love what I do and those with whom I work.



September’s winner for a free reading or consultation is Jene Yon. Congratulations!


Blessings and joy,
Rev. Judyth

The Strength Card by Judyth and Gordana

I see Tarot as a healing tool, and the healing energy is very evident in Strength, the most recent card Gordana Curgus and I have co-created.

When the Strength card comes up in a reading it is time to stand in your power firmly and with poise. True Strength tames the wildest beast through gentleness and focus, not through force.

In our deck the Sun behind Strength represents the vitality and optimism as she has tamed the wild horse. She rides gently with compassion and control in the nakedness of her truth. While the horse represents life energy and drive, it is serene and carries Strength with elegance and confidence on her journey. 


Upcoming events

September 4, 1pm, “Revealing the Hanged One” from the deck of Judyth and Gordana, Rotarota, Sudden Valley.


Free Tarot and Astrology readings on the radio: Janet Hickox’s Living Astrology, August 15, 4pm to 6pm. Call 1 917 889 3818



Call for an individual or couple’s readings:

(360) 305-1491

or contact me by replying to this enewsletter.

My promise to you

Every time I read for you, perform a healing, perform ceremony, council or mentor I want to help you find your highest potential and I do so by connecting to my guides and to yours (or angels or higher self if you prefer). I give my own opinions (vs. that of the guides) only when so stating. My goal is to help you become more empowered by understanding the beautiful truth of who you are and what your options are. Finally, I protect your confidentiality.

Dear Judyth,
Does Reiki help with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis?
I’ve done healings for several people with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic fatigue,  

I’ve found the most effective method is to start with 3 sessions in a two week period and then gradually lengthening the time between sessions until a maintenance schedule can be determined.


By far, the best results for my clients have been for chronic fatigue. One client expressed it best, “After a Rieki session I feel more energy and ability to focus. I’m more sensitive to my body’s needs and now I make sure to not become too depleted before another session.”

Clients with fibromyalgia and arthritis have reported mixed results regarding the relief from pain. However, they describe a higher quality of energy and the ability to focus. While the pain may not subside, it seems to be more in the background than the foreground.

The bottom line is that Reiki can improve the quality of your life.

[Reserve 3 treatments and get one free]


Call me call to discover how I can help you manifest what you want in your life.We can consider a reading, mentoring, or a Reiki healing.

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