October 2021 is a 6 month

Numerology 6 Month, responsibility for your dream

October 2021 is a 6 month (10+2021=2031 and reduces to 6)

In Numerology in 2021 October is a 6 month which is about taking responsibility and family. Choose what dream you have for you and your family, and then take responsibility for nurturing that dream. Put a name to your dream. Decide what will nourish the dream to come true and then feed it. Call on your guides to help you manifest your dream.

The energy of your Personal Month can work with the Universal Month to manifest your desires. For example, a September 23 birthday has a Personal Year of 1 (9+23+2021=1). The Personal Month is calculated by adding the Personal Year, which for this birthday is 1, to the calendar month, which in October is the 10th month. The 10 is reduced to 1 which is then added to the 1 Personal Year. A September 23 birthday has a Personal Month in October of 2.

You can read the meaning for the Personal Months here.