October 2015

Judyth Sult’s December 2015 Newsletter

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Since my last newsletter I’ve spent some time in Utah, an incredibly beautiful state. Last month we took our RV, Lucy, for fall camping and hiking in Zion, Bryce and Capital Reef National Parks. Each canyon was different and beautiful in its own way. Now we’re home and winter is definitely here! It’s a crisp dry 40 degrees in Bellingham right now.

I’m excited to say that Gordana Curgus and I expect to have our slightly redesigned Major Arcana deck available for sale in 2 weeks. Gordana changed the back of the cards and slightly redesigned the front to distinguish this deck from our collector deck. The included booklet has all of the original card interpretations. The deck will retail for $25.

I’m teaming up with Liz Muschett and Gloria Riley to have a numerology panel on December 5 in Arlington, WA. However, you MUST register by this Wednesday, to be included. You will fill out your form and be given a reading based on the numerology of up to two names and your birth date. It should be lots of fun. (Get a hint of what’s in store for you in 2016 in the article below)

AND, our workbook, Explore the Major Arcana: A Tool for Empowerment will be available by early 2016. We can provide a gift certificate with the cover of the book for anyone who wants to purchase a copy of the workbook for a holiday gift. Whew!


Are you looking for a combination of fun and good food for New Years Eve? If you’re going to be in Bellingham come to Cosmos Bistro for Tarot and Dinner. Chef Cinnamon is coming up with a spectacular dinner (everything she creates is amazing) and I’ll be moving between tables giving Tarot readings. This single seating event (7pm to 10pm) includes 3 courses with a wine or beer pairing with each course. All inclusive tickets can be purchased at Cosmos Bistro, 1151 N. State St.     

I’m thankful for each of you being in my life.

Photo above is Raven posing for photos at Bryce Canyon.


Your Personal Year in 2016

This is a tiny sample of the information participants will get at the numerology panel on December 5. The Panel will also use numbers from your name to discover your personality, gifts and challenges.

Let’s look at a quick and fun way to get a sample of Numerology by looking at your upcoming personal year. The personal year goes from January to December, no matter when your birthday occurs. Below is the formula to calculate the energy you will call to yourself in 2016.

Your personal year is calculated by adding the month and day of your birth to the current year, and then reducing them to a single digit. Each number is reduced to a single digit and then added to the other reduced numbers. The final number is also reduced to a single digit. For example, my birthday is April 21:

    April=4, 21(2+1)=3, 2016(2+0+1+6)=9.
So, 4+3+9=16 and we then reduce 16 (1+6)= 7.

    My personal year is a 7.

Now, calculate your personal year. You can surprise your family and friends with their personal year predictions.

People in a 1 personal year are planting the seeds for the next 9 year cycle. This is a year with many new opportunities and activities. The 1 year is likely to be a year of leadership and initiative. Tarot cards that relate to one energy are 1 Magician, 10 Wheel of Fortune, and 19 Sun.

People in a 2 personal year are open to new relationships and opportunities that embrace harmony, balance and cooperation. During a 2 year, when a person is out of balance or in a disagreeable relationship, the person may become depressed because they are not able to act with the 2 energy. The 2 year is an excellent year to build on the new beginnings from the 1 year. Tarot cards that relate to 2 energy are 2 High Priestess, 11 Justice, 20 Awakening.

People in a 3 personal year feel expansive and open to new adventures. This is very much “play time” as people in the 3 energy explore the meaning of joy in their lives. The 3 energy is very creative, especially in art and writing. It’s important to distinguish between creativity and frivolousness. Tarot cards that relate to 3 energy are 3 Sustenance, 12 New Perspectives, and 21 World.

A 4 personal year is the time to focus after the playfulness of the 3 year. It is a year of focus and creating a foundation for the future. It can be considered a “maze” year as the people in this year seem to have more obstacles than usual. As they come to a block, they must learn to change directions to find a new route rather than run into a brick wall. Tarot cards that relate to 4 energy are 4 Authority and 13 Life Cycles.

People in a 5 personal year often feel great relief after the constrictions of the 4 year. The 5 personal year is full of exploration and working beyond the constraints of the 4 year. Many new opportunities present themselves, and it’s sometimes difficult to finish the many projects that they will be tempted to begin. Tarot cards related to a 5 year is 5 Introspection and 14 Temperance.

The 6 personal year is usually pretty smooth, even as the person is likely to be focused on responsibility and service, especially to family. People in this year are focused on home and what home means: who they want in the home, where home is, what home means. People must beware of taking on too much responsibility so that the sense of individuality is lost. Tarot cards that relate to 6 energy are 6 Choice and 15 Entrapment.

People in a 7 personal year spend their time analyzing and trying to understand what their life is about. The 7 year is about choices, often unexpected ones. It is a time to pause, consider, reflect, evaluate and decide. Intuition is important in the 7 year. Tarot cards related to 7 energy are 7 Determination and 16 Chaos.

The 8 personal year is about status and money. It’s often the perfect time for people to explore new employment opportunities, apply for promotions and evaluate their general financial situation. Many people start a new business in an 8 year after the 7 year of analyzing and evaluating the wisdom of such a move. Tarot cards with 8 energy are 8 Strength and 17 Star.

The 9 personal year is the end of a 9 year. People may find they are cleaning out closets, relationships, and anything else that no long serve them. As a part of the completion cycle they may find that giving to others, financially or emotionally, become important to them. Tarot cards with the 9 energy are 9 Introspection and 18 Moon.


December 2, reservation due (360-403-8884) for December 5 numerology panel, 1:30 to 3:30, at A Path to Avalon, $35.

December 31, New Years Eve Tarot and Dinner, Cosmos Bistro, 7pm-10pm

Available Soon!

Take your readings to a new level with this Major Arcana empowerment workbook.

Major Arcana readings are very powerful and  to the point. In this workbook you will:

*Learn the relationship between the cards and numerology

*Learn new layouts

*Discover how to frame questions for the best results.

Contact Judyth to reserve a copy!

Celebrate 2016 with

Tarot and Dinner

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3 Wine or Beer pairings

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7 to 10pm

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Cosmos Bistro

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Have Workshop,

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I’m so excited about the workbook that I’ve created high energy, interactive workshops about how to become empowered through Tarot.


No matter where you are, if you want to help put a workshop together in your community contact me and we’ll see how to make it happen! JudythSult@gmail.com

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