November 2017

Judyth Sult’s November 2017 Empowerment  Newsletter

Notes from J

November is the month when we celebrate thankfulness. Take a moment to think about what you are thankful for in your life. I am thankful for my husband, Larry, who has supported me for so many years. He has encouraged my growth and explorations into my spiritual life. (And we still laugh together)

My children and their partners, Lauren and Aria, and Evan and Paige, are also cause for great thankfulness.

Friends and clients have brought me great joy as we’ve explored new adventures and perspectives. We’ve journeyed to places of the body, mind, and spirit that have been exciting as well as moving.

Thank you, all, for being in my life.

Blessings to you all,

Rev. Judyth

Card for November

Know that everything is connected
Be aware, all actions have consequences
Act with balance, fairness and harmony
Lady Justice will always serve you in truth

When Justice comes up in a reading, it suggests that you are being called upon to make a decision to balance actions fairly and without prejudice according to the rules in play. It is time to be mindful that there are consequences to every deed.

In legal matters the Justice card indicates that the decision will be just and fair according to the rules, even if it is not the outcome you desire. All of the facts must be given equal consideration.

Empowerment: You are empowered by Justice when you make fair decisions based on the rules, no matter the emotions or relationships involved.

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Tarot is a glimpse of the future, looking into the mirror of what brought us to where we are.

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Healing a Relationship
Ritual letter to the Higher Self

Below is an exercise that is useful for making changes in the dynamics of any relationship. It’s best to do when a person is alive, but it’s also helpful when the person has passed. Image result for image of a letter

Call on your guides and angels to help you write a letter to the high self of the person with whom you have, or had, a challenging relationship. This is a physical letter but you are writing it through your, and to the other’s, spirit. In this letter explain to the person the lessons you learned from her, even if you rejected the lessons or they were hurtful. For example, if she has been spiteful and jealous you can tell her that she did an excellent job of teaching you how a person is when they are expressing jealousy and spite. You’ve gotten and understood the lesson and now she doesn’t have to keep teaching you those lessons any longer. Explain in the letter that through her guides you would like to teach her to replace jealousy and spite with, for example, compassion and tolerance.

In your letter include the good, the bad and everything in between regarding your relationship. Explain that you are done with what you don’t like about who she is, or has been, in your life. Then explain that you want to replace the negative energy in your relationship with positive energy.

Next, honor and thank her for the positive lessons she has brought to your life. Be willing to forgive her past actions because she was most likely teaching you in the only way she knew.

At the end of the letter tell her high self what you would like to see your relationship become in whatever time you have left on this plane. In your letter, thank her even for the difficult lessons she has taught you.

When you are sure you are done with the letter burn it with the sacred intention of changing the energy. Say something along the lines of, “As this paper is transformed to ashes, I call on my high self and [person’s] high self to transform the energy in our relationship to its highest potential”. Finally, blow the ashes into the wind or plant them in a garden.

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Reverend Judyth Sult is a Reiki Master, professional Tarot reader, author, teacher and Empowerment Coach.

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Moon Cycles

Full Moon – November 5 in Taurus

This full moon is in Taurus, a time and sign when you review power in your life: where you have power and how you wield that power.

It’s also a time to figure out where you are leaking your power so that you can plug the hole and maintain your strength. Power allows you to create your abundance and joy.

New Moon – November 18 in Scorpio: The new moon in Scorpio calls for you to go within to explore a deeper understanding of yourself. It calls on you to look where you need to heal, how you deal with power, and to identify your hidden patterns. Once you have a clear understanding of who you are, embrace yourself, heal yourself, and release what no longer serves you.

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