November 2016

Judyth Sult’s November 2016 Empowerment Newsletter

Notes from J

November is the month often associated with thankfulness as it’s the month to celebrate Thanksgiving in the US and Canada. Fall is the time to celebrate the harvest before going into the dark of winter. This year, with all of the discord over the US presidential elections it’s even more important than ever to make a list of what you are thankful for in your life. No matter what the outcome, continually refer to your thankful list. Post it somewhere to remind you. Share it with others. Being thankful will help you be in a place of hope and positive action.

I am thankful for each of you who make my life richer and more fullfilling.



11 Justice

November is the 11th month and the card associated with it is Justice.

The Justice Card is about making a decision, or being judged, based on the laws or rules in a given situation. It’s important to understand what the rules are because the fairness of decisions will be based upon them. Unlike the highest moral laws of the High Priestess, the laws of Justice are manmade.

Justice is often referred to as the “karma card” because all actions have consequences. It is a reminder that the established rules affect the present, as the present rules will affect the future. Everyone must be following the same rules for decisions and outcomes to be fair.



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Full Moon November 14

New Moon November 29


We are just leaving the energy of the October 30 new moon. If you havene’t determined what you want to bring into the month of November, now is the time to make your list of what you want to manifest before the November 14 full moon.

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