September 2018

Rev. Judyth Sult’s September 2018

Empowerment Newsletter

NOTES from J

Wow! Was August a difficult month for you? I had so many people asking what’s going on. Feelings of anger, disappointment and depression added to a general feeling of malaise and confusion. Well, as I keep saying, I’m not an astrologer, but I read astrologers and last month Mars and Mercury and 4 other planets were retrograde at the same time. It certainly seemed that they, or something, affected a lot of people.

This month, September, astrologers predict emotions will be a lot more positive and mellow. It’s a great time to do some deep work and I have two related exercises below. One is around the Fall Equinox on September 23th and the other is at the Coaching Corner. Please take a look and give me feedback at Let me know if there are coaching questions you have.

Please keep me in mind for readings as you plan Halloween and end of the year parties this holiday season.

Take advantage of the last vestiges of summer. Enjoy the crispness this month and observe the changes of the light. Live through your senses, feel, touch, love!

Blessings and hugs,


Photo in header is from a painting of the center of an orchid at the Bolling Wilson Hotel in Whytheville, VA.

Coaching Corner

What do you want for your life?

Are you the person who is mildly dissatisfied with your life? There’s nothing that really excites you and no one seems to really be interesting, or perhaps interested in you?

Ask yourself, “What do I want fo rmy life?” Think about this question for a moment, really think about it.

  • Do you want physical things like a home, a job or more money?
  • Do you want better emotional support like more friends, a life partner or better communication with your children?
  • Do you want to stimulate your mental capacity by improving your memory, going to cultural events or reading more books?
  • Do you want to deepen your spiritual beliefs by joining a weekly group, becoming involved with music or art, or spending more time in nature?

So many times we meander through life without stopping to think about where we are and if we want to continue in the same direction. This is a good time to take stock, decide what you like and what you want to change.

Pause to determine what about your material, emotional, mental and spiritual life PLEASE you right now. Yes, think about what you want to change, but also acknowledge the areas of your life that are satisfying, or more than satisfying.  Very often, the things we are happy with make us afraid to make changes because we are afraid we’ll lose them. That need not be so.

Now, make a grid with 4 quadrants and label one Physical, then Mental, another Emotional and one Spiritual. On a scale of 1 to 5 generally how satisfied are you are in each of these arenas of your life. If you scored less than 4 in any area write down what you are most dissatisfied with and what you think would bring you happiness.

Stay strong, believe in yourself, and trust in the universe.

Fall Equinox – Time for Harvesting

On September 22-23 we celebrate the Fall Equinox, the day when the sun is equally divided between light and dark. In ancient times it was a day of recognizing that the last harvests would be coming in, and the last celebration of abundance as the animals that could not be fed in the winter would be slaughtered for great feasts.

The air changes with the new frosts, leaves change into colorful flags, schools start, schedules change and life goes on. With all of modern conveniences we often forget to touch the energy of the ancients. We can get any food we desire, any time of the year. We forget the rituals of the seasons.

I suggest you be aware of the lessons and healing opportunities in this Fall season, and in every season.

Take a moment to reflect what you planted in your mind, body and spirit six months ago during the Spring Equinox when we were moving to greater light. How is your harvest? Has your crop of ideas, projects, goals been abundant?

If you didn’t consciously plant seeds think about what has happened in your life in the last 6 months. What do you want to take forward and what do you want to release?

Enjoy your harvest. Feed your mind, body and soul. Evaluate and celebrate your crop. If the crop was not abundant decide if you still feel inclined to pursue those goals for a richer life, however you would define richer.

Acknowledge what you did correctly and what you will change in the future. Set new goals or reaffirm old ones. Use the winter months to feed the soil of your hopes and dreams. Put a cover crop of your dreams to feed it until the spring.

Moon Phases and Rituals

*Suggestion – Put these dates as a reminder on your calendar!

September 9 – New Moon Now is the time to set your intentions for what you want to call into your life. Be deliberate and focus on your intentions. Write them down and ask for the assistance of the Universe to manifest them.

September 21 – Summer Solstice – Shortest day of the year. See article above

September 25 – Full Moon Harvest Moon – Continue the exercise connected with the Equinox.

Universal Cards for September – Energy  of 9

Both of the cards for September are about going within yourself, using your intuition and seeking what is truely in your highest and best good.


Seek and honor the wisdom within
Share your knowledge, though others may not accept it
Be willing to stand apart in your truth
Accept, with compassion, that each person has their own path
Your wisdom shines for the world to see

When Introspection comes up in a reading, it is a reminder to carve a time and place of solitude. Go within to search your soul to align with your unique life path. It is time for you to be alone, time to hear the voice within. Take this opportunity to leave behind the pressures and distractions common in our lives. Listen to the voice of your highest consciousness, and act upon the knowledge you obtain from your meditation and search.

Be willing to share your truth, as you experience it, while accepting, with compassion, that the path of others may be different. It is sometimes lonely because there are times when one must follow the truth even though others reject it.

You are empowered when you have the strength and courage to stand for your convictions, even if you find yourself alone.

Learn more about Introspection here



Embrace the power and mystery of the night
Listen to the secrets of the constellations
Observe the subtle tides of your emotions
Reveal that which is hidden

When the Moon comes up for you in a reading, be aware of the difference between illusions and reality and pay attention to the internal tides of your dreams and feelings. Take time to contemplate, listen carefully, and look for the light from within to reveal the truth of the matter. Learn to trust your intuition.

You are empowered by the Moon when you are able to call upon your intuition to help you distinguish between illusion and reality.

Learn more about Moon here.

Judyth’s personal card for September is High Priestess

What is your card? Draw here

You have the knowing
Call on your intuition
Meditate on the true law of the Universe
As you sit on the seat of wisdom

September Birth Stones

Modern: Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is said to promote dreaming, astral travel and the ability to bring the information into consciousness. This stone is used for healing and spiritual growth. Healers sometimes use Blue Sapphire with the throat chakra to promote communication, and self expression. Blue Sapphire fosters loyalty, commitment, and fidelity. According the Bible, Blue Sapphire was one of the original stones in the breast plate of the High Priests.

Black Sapphire brings the wisdom of confidence in one’s own intuition. It is protective and grounding, relieves anxiety and sorrow, and is a talisman for seeking and maintaining employment.
Green Sapphire brings the wisdom of fidelity and integrity. It encourages compassion for others, stimulates vision, and improves dream recall.
Orange or Padparadsha Sapphire brings the wisdom of loving creation from the heart to the world. It unites one’s creativity, sensuality and spirituality, and is a talisman of artists, writers and singers.
Pink Sapphire brings the wisdom of resilience. It stimulates emotions and encourages love, forgiveness, and release of the past. It honors acceptance and strength of heart.
Violet Sapphire brings the wisdom of spiritual awakening. It stimulates meditation, opens the Crown Chakra and allows the kundalini to rise unimpeded. It initiates oneness and peace.
White Sapphire brings wisdom and strength of spirit, providing the inner resolve needed in overcoming difficult obstacles to one’s spiritual path. It brings clarity to the mind, and communication with higher guidance.
Yellow Sapphire brings wisdom and prosperity. It not only assists in bringing financial abundance, but stimulates the inner will through the solar plexus to creatively focus and manifest one’s goals and ambitions.

Mystical Agate

Agate, which can come in many different colors. This stone is said to be excellent to use for inner peace, strength and protection against negativity which can bring you down, making it brilliant for people who often worry needlessly.

Agate has been found with the remains of humans from as early as 20,000-16,000 B.C. The Egyptians used agates prior to 3000 B.C. for talismans, jewelry and house decorations. Ancient civilizations believed that wearing agate would make them invisible. Farmers, soldiers and even magicians used agates for good luck and to please gods. Agates have been used to see the future, for health and to enhance creativity.

Aurvedicl Moon Stone

Moonstone – The Romans believed that moonstone was formed from the light of the moon. In many parts of India the moonstone is still held sacred and holds special significance for lovers. In many cultures this stone is credited with bringing good fortune and protection for women and children.

Because of the relationship to the moon in the sky it’s been connected to women’s cycles and health issues, as well as with enhancing intuition and emotional healing.

Moonstone can be emotionally calming and help in releasing frustrations brought on by emotional triggers to clear the mind for taking appropriate action.

Moonstone can be a tool as you work to increase your intuition and psychic abilities.

Since 1912 the “modern” birthstone list is generally used by jewelers to define the month stones.

The mystical birthstone list is originally from Tibet and dates back over a thousand years.

The Ayurvedic birthstone list is the oldest, dating from 1500 B.C. in ancient India.

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