October 2014

Judyth Sult’s October 2014 Newsletter

Notes from J

Mmmm, the fall air smells and feels wonderful. I love this time of year with all of the rich colors, windy rain, and crisp coolness. I had a five day retreat RVing at Sol Duc hot springs where I worked on my Tarot book, meditated, made good food and had conversations with my best friend, husband Larry.

One of the things we talked about was the plight my sister-in-law and brother find themselves in. Tere was in a dreadful car accident seven years ago that shattered her atlas. She has remained cheerful and optimistic through six additional hospitalizations, numerous surgeries and declining mobility. They are about to lose their home due to the constant medical bills, co-pays and special needs.

Be a hero. They have no resources and nowhere to turn so I’ve started a Giveforward campaign to raise $15,000 until Jerry can get them financially stable. Read her full story here, and please donate, if you can, before October 31. If you can’t donate, feel free to share their situation with others who may be able to help. Thank you, thank you. You will be my hero.

I spent four hours at a Western Washington University event welcoming back students. Every student was so special, open, polite and respectful. Welcome to the many of you who joined my email list. A popular theme was about forgiveness. This is the link to the forgiveness ritual so many of you have used before.

The other ritual that came up is new to my readers. My guides gave it to me about Temperance, honoring all aspects of yourself. Take a look at that ritual for balance below.

I love our Quester, who is, the Fool in traditional decks.

Listen in to my radio program October 8, to meet Tarot of Empowerment co-creator and fine artist, Gordana Curgus, who will join me to discuss the making of the art in the deck. You can listen now or listen later at EmpowerYouRadio.

Blessings and hugs,


Photo in headline from Sol Duc

Time to Celebrate

Guess what? We’re publishing a collector’s edition of the major arcana deck for Tarot of Empowerment.

I’m letting you know now because word was getting out and we already have several pre-orders. I want you to have the opportunity to put in a request, too. We don’t know the price yet, but the decks will be signed by Gordana and me and the number of the collector’s decks will be a limited edition,and you don’t pay until you know the price.

Why would someone want a major arcana deck? Tarot students can use a major arcana deck to more quickly learn the cards and the relationships between them.

Advanced readers use major arcana readings for life altering questions, such as:

*understanding your true self, including your shadow side

*directing you to your life work

*transformational work

*understanding the energies around a situation

Here is a sample 3 card reading I did for myself:

1 – where am I now?,

2 – what is my greatest strength?,

3 – how do I move forward for my highest good?

In this reading, I learn that things are changing for me (Wheel of Fortune). My strength is that I am the wise teacher and counselor who gives advice to others (Advisor/Hierophant). It is in my highest interests to move forward by using my intuition to reveal that which is hidden (Moon).

To make the best use this information I will journal about each of the cards and watch how things unfold.

Ritual for Balance

Periodically it’s time to look at the roles we have taken on in our lives. In readings, the Temperance card will often come up during those times. It is about acknowledging, honoring and balancing all aspects of who you are. This is an exercise for you to consciously explore which parts of you that may be out of balance.

Write down all of the roles you play in your life, for example, friend, son or daughter, student, employer and so forth. The roles you play are not inherently good or bad. However, the way you think about them may be in a negative or positive light.

Once you have identified all aspects of yourself, write a 1 to 3 word positive description about that role. For example, friend might have the words laughter, playfulness. The areas where you have a difficult time coming up with a positive description are probably where you need to bring balance into your life.

Draw a pie chart and divide it proportionate to the attention you currently give each role of yourself. Note if a relationship, work, or whatever, has absorbed a disproportionate piece of the pie.

Explore what roles you would like to add to your life, and what words you would use to describe that energy.

Happy exploring!

New Card from Tarot of Empowerment


What are you seeking?

Who do you meet?

Risk to explore, to learn,

to trust,

To find the truth of

who you are

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