July 2018

Rev. Judyth Sult’s July 2018 Empowerment Newsletter

NOTES from J

I just returned from a cross-country trip with Karen LaVerne who is moving to be with her family in Washington, DC. We traveled for almost two and a half weeks and discovered what’s between the coasts. The trip was amazing, and oh, so much fun. I arrived home just in time for the celebration of Independence Day. This trip, in these troubled times, gave me much to consider.

The most profound experience on this trip was the visit to the FDR memorial in Washington, DCl. The quotes made me reflect on where we are as a country today. This evening as I write this newsletter and hear the rockets red glare I wonder and worry about the direction of our nation and I invite you to consider what legacy you think is in the highest and best good to leave for future generations.

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A Journey Across America

My friend Karen LaVerne was traveling to Oakton, VA, about a half hour from Washington, DC., to join her daughter’s family. We journeyed together and enjoyed adventures as we moved across the country.

One of our early stops was to the Temple of 1000 Buddhas in Arlee, MT. There is no indoor temple, just these 1000 Buddhas on sacred land in a quiet place surrounded by peace and mountains.


And the buffalo roam . . .

A stop by City Museum in St. Louis for a ride on the ferris wheel on the ninth floor of the building. St. Louis has many wonderful museums, all free. The City Museum, however, is not owned by the city and it’s not a museum. It’s a huge fun house for kids and adults.

The STL Art Museum had a wonderful display of 2 underwater cities which were recently discovered and excavated off the coast of N. Africa

Pieces that were recovered from underwater


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Universal Cards for June – Energy  of 7


Now is the time to be in control and move forward
Drive the Chariot of

fast, rapid change
Use your intellect, trust your intuition
Stay focused and ride the wings of spirit


When you get Determination in a reading, it suggests that you know what you must do. Now is the time to boldly approach the rapid change coming your way as a result of that decision and follow your true path. Know that the energy of the situation may change so quickly that you must intuitively adjust your flight as there will not be time to make new plans. By the very nature of setting your intention, focusing on your goal, and riding the wings of spirit, you are likely to succeed.

You are empowered to have faith in yourself and the decisions you need to make and to travel with your personal beliefs and values as your compass.


Upheaval, destruction, transformation
The structure of my life is revolutionized
Show me the pieces of truth and wisdom
To rebuild new foundations in my life

The Chaos card (16 = 7 in numerology) often causes feelings of fear and anxiety because itdepicts upheaval and sudden change. The change brought on by Chaos is often unexpected, quick, and profound. The energy frequently appears dramatic and out of control because it implies cataclysmic, not catastrophic, change.

In Tarot of Empowerment, the Chaos card illustrates the destruction of a bridge amidst the background of fireworks. The destruction is about the false hopes and broken promises represented by the bridge. The fireworks in the background represent the celebration of sudden enlightenment about how to reestablish a new foundation built on truth and wisdom.

The card Chaos often comes up in a reading when you’ve chosen to stay in your comfort zone rather than to make choices to enhance your growth. Often, you know that a change is necessary but are reluctant to take the next step. When this card comes up, the choice to make a change is no longer yours. You have put yourself in the position to receive a cosmic kick-in-the-a–.

You are empowered when you recognize that the old forms need to be destroyed in order for you to move forward. Accept that the upheaval is out of your control but that you can create new opportunities from the destruction.

Pull a Tarot of Empowerment card to discover what will help you deal with the energies in the month of July.

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There seemed to be faces in the back of Mt. Rushmore. Note Washington on the right.

Crazy Horse is a monument to Native Peoples and expected to take several generations to complete.

Moon Phases and Rituals

*Suggestion – Put these dates as a reminder on your calendar!

July 13 – New Moon 

1. Express gratitude for your life. 2. Release those thoughts and fears you do not want to carry forward. 3. Create and write down your intentions until the next new moon, in approximately 29 days.

July 27 – Full Moon 

1. Focus on the positive as your emotions will be amplified.

2. Review your list of intentions and embrace the energy of working successfully with these intentions. 3. Move your body, celebrate your imagination, claim your right to a joyful life.

Mercury Retrograde-Mercury will be in the zone of retrograde on July 11, becomes stationary July 26, goes direct on August 11 and moves out of retrograde influence September 2. All of the retrograde activity will be in the sign of Leo which can suggest issues around pride and ego. Be aware if you are making choices based on the good of your relationships, or from a power struggle of egos. Also be aware that others may be under the influence of the retrograde and coming from a place of pride. Before making decisions that affect others, pause, think about the highest good for all and then make your decision. 

July Birth Stones

I use birthstones as an excuse to highlight different stones in the course of the year. Remember, you can use the energy of the stone at any time, no matter when you were born.

This month’s stone is the passionate, courageous Ruby. The color red is often associated with the root chakra and the physical world.  It can assist in grounding your energy and stimulating healing energy, as well as activating your sexual drive. 

Esoterically Ruby is said to be protective and resistant to negative energy. Turn to ruby when your energy is depleted or you want to call in more passion to your life.

In the ancient cultures of Arabic civilization the July birthstone is Carnelian. Carnelian was said to guard against evil, and should disaster befall a traveler to guard the soul after death. Similar to the Ruby, Carnelian is said to help purify the blood, as well as relieving menstrual cramps and associated back pain. It was sometimes worn to help cure fertility and increase passion.

In the old world of Hebrew, Italian and Roman cultures Onyx is the July birthstone. In some very early civilizations Onyx was feared. In China Onyx was considered such bad luck that only those with no other way to make a living went into the Onyx mines. And then the Onyx was sent to faraway lands where it was not feared. Onyx now is use to integrate the dualities within the individual.  It is used to build up mental and physical strength to help the user be in control by helping one center and connect with one’s High Self. Onyx has intense energy that may be challenging for everyday wear.

Since 1912 the “modern” birthstone list is generally used by jewelers to define the month stones.

The mystical birthstone list is originally from Tibet and dates back over a thousand years.

The Ayurvedic birthstone list is the oldest, dating from 1500 B.C. in ancient India.

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