December 2014

Judyth Sult’s December 2014 Newsletter

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Happy Holidays to You!

This is the time of year I enjoy celebrating the solstice as I see the lights on the trees and the houses. Solstice, in an actual as well as symbolic way, represents the return of the light. This season is a reminder that the darkness will begin its annual surrender to the light.

Unfortunately, for many people, this season brings especially dark feelings as they engage in challenging family traditions and personalities, or they miss loved ones who have passed. I send my very best healing thoughts to those of you in this difficult place.

On that note, please email me your request for healing energy or a prayer or a wish, and I will print it out and place it in my prayer wheel. I’ll spin the prayer wheel to dissipate negative energy and replace it with healing energy. All communications are private and will be burned at the end of the season.

See below for the special numerology gift I’m offering to my readers. I’ll be giving personal year numerology readings on my radio show, Wednesday, December 10 at 6pm, and sending a booklet I’ve used in numerology workshops. Here is a link to my last radio show on Thankfulness:

Tarot of Empowerment UPDATE: I’m now at the editing phase for the Tarot of Empowerment Major Arcana book, and Gordana is doing the final preparations of the cards for the printer. All very exciting! (The packaging is fabulous.) We expect the Major Arcana Collector edition to be out in January.

Thank you for being you and being a part of my life,

Photo above is one I took of the ceiling of the amazing Chihuly exhibit at the Seattle Center.

 How to Calculate your Personal Year

It’s that time of year to prepare for how the energy in 2015 is likely to affect you.  Every January the theme of your energy changes according to the vibration of the numbers for that year. The number of the universal year (our calendar year, such as 2015) is determined by adding all of the digits in the year: 2+0+1+5=8.


The energy for an 8 year is about issues of power and money. Does that mean that we will all be struggling over power and money? Not really. The universal year is the broadest numerological theme in the year. Use the calculations that follow to find your personal energy in an 8 personal year. Your individual Personal year is calculated by adding your birth day and month to the universal year. The numbers are reduced to a single digit and added up. For example, a September 23 birthday would look like this:


9+5+7=21=3. Thus, 3 is the personal year for this birthday.

The numerology explanations below are followed by the Tarot cards that resonate for each energy.

1 – People in a 1 personal year are planting the seeds for the next 9 year cycle. This is a year with many new opportunities and activities. The 1 energy is likely to be a year of leadership and initiative. Sun (19), Wheel of Fortune (10), Magician (1)

2 – People in a 2 personal year are open to new relationships and opportunities that embrace harmony, balance and cooperation. During a 2 year, when a person is out of balance or in a disagreeable relationship, the person may become depressed because they are not able to act on the 2 energy. The 2 year is an excellent year to build on the new beginnings from the 1 year.

Judgment (20), Justice or Strength (11), High Priestess (2).

3 – People in a 3 personal year feel expansive and open to new adventures. This is very much “play time” as people in the 3 energy explore the meaning of joy in their lives. Three energy is very creative, especially in art and writing. It’s important to distinguish between creativity and frivolousness. World (21), Hanged One (12), Empress (3)

4 – A 4 personal year is time to focus after the playfulness of the 3 year. It is a year of focus and creating a foundation for the future. It can be considered a “maze” year as the people in this year seem to have more obstacles than usual. As they come to a block, they must learn to change directions to find a new route rather than run into a brick wall. Death (13) Emperor (4)

5 – People in a 5 personal year often feel great relief after the constrictions of the 4 year. The 5 personal year is full of exploration and working beyond the constraints of the 4 year. Many new opportunities present themselves, and it’s important to be able to finish some of the many projects that will be tempted to begin.

Temperance (14), Hierophant (5)

6 – The 6 personal year is usually pretty smooth, even as the person is likely to be focused on responsibility and service, especially to family. People in this year are focused on home and what home means: who they want in the home, where home is, what home means. People must beware of taking on so much responsibility so that the sense of individuality is lost. Devil (15), Lovers (6)

7 – People in a 7 personal year spend their time analyzing and trying to understand what their life is about. The seven year is about choices, often unexpected ones. It is a time to pause, consider, reflect, evaluate and decide. Intuition is important in the 7 year. Tower (16), Chariot (7)

8 – The 8 personal year is about status and money. It’s often the perfect time for people to explore new employment opportunities, apply for promotions and evaluate their general financial situation. Many people start a new business in an 8 year after the 7 year of analyzing and evaluating the wisdom of such a move. Star (17), Justice or Strength (8)

9 – The 9 year is the end of the cycle that started in the 1 year. People may find they are cleaning out closets, relationships, and anything else that no long serve them. As a part of the completion cycle they may find that giving to others, financially or emotionally, become important to them. Sun (18), Hermit (9)

11 – The 11 is a master number and indicates a year with the potential to open the person to a high vibration that allows greater intuitive ability. The 11 energy is difficult to sustain and it reduces to a 2 energy and that vibration is generally more comfortable for most people.

Why the Unknown?


You are the mystery,

You decline to answer.

What are you hiding?

How will I know?

   This is the card that comes up when the universe is not ready to give you information to answer your question.  The Universe has not yet put all of the factors in place to respond to the situation. Patience is needed before any decision or action can be made.

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