April 2014

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Judyth Sult’s April 2014 Newsletter

                                 Notes from J

Lesson: You can’t always choose what happens, but you can make choices about how you respond.

I’m in Hong Kong as I write this month’s newsletter and we’re having a wonderful time visiting our friends, Pete and Stella Ireland. It’s been an interesting journey (aren’t they all?) that we weren’t sure was going to happen. There was some kind of barrier almost every step of the way to the point that there was a time when we asked ourselves if this was a sign to cancel our plans. I pulled Tarot cards and my wonderful husband looked at them and said, “Well, it’s obvious we are meant to go.” And so, here we are.

Our arrival was delayed a day because the flight from Seattle to San Francisco landed 20 minutes too late for us to make the connection. The airline had no more seats for several days, so they flew us to Newark, NJ where we caught a flight to Hong Kong the next day.

Needless to say, that’s a much longer route than from San Francisco.

The weather has been very cloudy and wonderful thunderstorms rumbled like a dragons last night. The sky lighted up and rain poured down. We were able to walk miles through the city taking breaks when the rain poured down. We still have seen a lot, laughed joyously, and eaten grandly.

Our choice is to respond by making decisions that lead us toward our goal (an inconvenient and long flight to where we want to be) and to enjoy every moment of this adventure (while singing in the rain).

I’m thrilled to introduce two new cards, the Sage and Student of Earth created by Gordana Curgus.

Blessings to all,


My next radio show will be May 21. I’ll be talking about new Tarot of Empowerment cards and taking questions.

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The Suit of Earth

The Earth suit represents the physical world. In a traditional deck this suit was most often called Pentacles, Coins or Discs.

Earth is about money, work and health. It relates to how we are and what we do in the world. Earth is about manifesting, caring for, or acquiring a physical thing or a physical state. Each Earth card in the suit relates, in some way, to our association with money, objects or health.

Remember to associate the placement of the card, and how the placement relates to the question, before you make an interpretation of the cards in a reading. For example, the 2 of Earth will have a different meaning in the place of best course of action, than in the place of outcome. As a best course of action card, the 2 of Earth suggests that the best thing for you to do (regarding your question) is to be balanced around your spending (or health) habits.

As an outcome card, the 2 of Earth indicates that you will achieve balance if you follow through by doing whatever the card in the place of best course of action suggests that you do. Interpreting the cards is telling the whole story around your question.

New Cards from Tarot of Empowerment Earth Suit

Sage of Earth

The Sage is the wisest and has the most respect and authority in the suit of earth. She has manifested her world and now it’s time to release some aspect of her physical world that no longer works for her.

Whatever she is releasing has worked for her in the past, but it has outgrown its usefulness. The Sage has a strong personality and is in a position of authority, influence and respect.

In our deck the fern that was just uncurling in the Ace is now fully grown in the Sage of Earth. The fern represents the grace and wisdom of mother earth and how we have become are in the physical world.

The trees represent how we each branch out in the course of our lives in the many directions we’re pulled toward in the course of our journey.

The crystal represents her intuition that symbolizes the clarity the Sage has come to enjoy. Note that the cherries are fully ripe.

When the Sage comes up in a reading you are being asked to call upon your intuition and experience to identify what that which no longer serves you. You have the healing knowledge of the fern that signifies the secret wisdom of the earth.

When you release the old you will have the opportunity to heal and to use the space for increased prosperity. You will have gained the mantel of authority and no longer need to ask permission to release the old.

April Calendar

April 3, Arriving in Kunming and on to Dali

April 12, Arriving in Beijing

April 15, Full Moon

April 22, Arriving home to Bellingham

April 30, New Moon

Tarot of Empowerment Radio

One new person each week will win a print or card from the

Tarot of Empowerment deck

Call (347) 205-9869 to ask  a question about the deck or to have a brief reading.

First return show, May 21,

Then every 1st and 3rd Wednesday

The Student of Earth represents the youngest of the Wisdom cards. She is learning how to work with the physical world in the areas of healing, vocation and money.

The Student is just beginning on her journey of learning about the physical world. She is more inclined than the other Wisdom cards to play and to take a risk. The Student is willing to learn, and a part of learning is to stretch beyond her comfort zone.

The Student is a dreamer who is willing to follow her dreams.

In our deck, the ferns are just beginning to unfold, representing the beginning of knowledge about the physical world. The crystal represents the growing intuition the Student is engaging at the beginning of her journey. The cherry  blossoms in the student’s hair is a symbol of birth and death to a full awakening. The blossoms are at the beginning of this transformational journey.

When the Student of Earth comes up in a reading it’s time to pay attention to where you are, what you are doing, and how you are doing it in the world. You may be asking questions about your career or how to manifest prosperity.

It may be time to seek healing for past injuries or to become a healer yourself. Be willing to dream, take chances and pursue what you want to manifest in your life in the area of money, career, and health.

See all of the Tarot of Empowerment cards at JudythSult.com or artbyGordana.com