April 2013

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Judyth Sult’s April Newsletter

  Notes from J

As I sit in a tree house (yep, a real tree house!) at Tree House Point in Issaquah I am reflecting on this month’s theme which is about finding joy, happiness, delight or even, ecstasy. I’m using all of these terms interchangeable – think of the word you best relate to that means your heart is lighter and your smile is broader.

We’re going to look at # way to find joy below, but here, I want to remind you why it’s so important to bring positivity into your life.

  • Joy opens your chakras and moves energy in a positive way through your system.
  • Seeking happiness focuses on the positive potential in your life.
  • When energy moves through your body and you have a positive outlook you will live a longer and healthier life.

If joy or happiness eludes you consider the exercises below and try something new. Explore, experience, express something positive about your life and go from there.

I will offer free 1 or 2 card Tarot readings on the radio with Astrologer Janet Hicox on Thursday, April 25 at 4 pm. This link takes you to the information about my appearance. Check out all of the upcoming episodes here.

Blessings and joy,

Rev. Judyth

                  7 Strategies to Be More Positive

To a certain extent we choose what we want in our life or, at least, we choose how we will respond to what life brings us. Sometimes we each need a reminder that we are responsible for our attitude and the joy we call into our own life. Below are seven strategies to increase your happiness.

1. Know and accept that you deserve to be happy. It’s often easier to live your life by default, that is, by absorbing whatever is in your environment rather than by changing your actions and attitudes. However, taking action is almost always empowering and provides you with purpose.

2. Be willing to take risks and move beyond your comfort zone. When our son went to college he had the wisdom to try one new thing every day. It varied from something small, like taking a different path to class to something more dramatic like deciding to learn a new instrument (that choice led him to become a professional drummer and artist). Your mind and heart expand when you try something new. Get your adrenalin moving a little bit every day (or a LOT on some days). You will learn and appreciate more about who you are.

3. Select your entertainment carefully. Although there is a plethora of movies, books and causes that are meaningful, many are depressing. Review your entertainment to see if it makes you feel good about yourself and your universe. Find material that suggests solutions, has humor or is just plain fun. Sing, dance, draw or do some other creative venture that makes you happy. You needn’t be a professional artist to enjoy artistic dips and spins.

4. Avoid negative people, especially at work. Don’t give people permission to spew their negativity on you. Try to create a buddy system by being honest enough to explain to complainers that you are trying to be more positive in your life. Invite them to turn the conversation around by sharing solutions and bringing humor into work situations.

5. Be grateful for what you do have. Start each day thanking the universe for at least 2 people, situations, possessions or ideas you have in your life. Be sincere and explore how to expand the role that gratitude takes in your life.

6. Find a passion and purpose in your life even if you only engage in it an hour a day. We can’t all make our living from what brings us passion, but that shouldn’t diminish the significance of that activity. Rather than lament that you still need another source of income, celebrate your opportunity to enjoy whatever your purpose is. Have something in your work environment that reminds you of the joy you feel when you have a way to express your passion.

7. Treat yourself as you would treat your best friend. This is one of the most difficult tasks when you are feeling down because you may already be feeling awful about who you think you are. But this is the time to look at yourself as you would your dearest friend who needs some cheering up. Do whatever you can to force yourself to be there for that friend: yourself. Give yourself encouragement, buy yourself a treat, say kind words to yourself, have fun with yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, mediate, journal. Never accept abuse from anyone, even yourself.

Sometimes you can’t find joy on your own and that’s okay. There are many available tools including therapists or coaches, support groups, books, and videos to introduce ideas and encourage you on your journey.

Life is precious and deserves to be joyful. Do something new and different today.

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Class: Becoming What You Want To Be

The first class in Everett was very exciting as people began the exploration of how to create their own ritual, calculate their numbers, and what a Tarot spread can tell them about making change.

In fact, there was so much to explore in the class that the students and I decided to have a second session. The class will continue with a second part on April 13.

New students are welcome to the class if they are familiar with the workbook prior to April 13. Please ontact me to get the workbook.

Bellingham Class

Becoming Who You Want to Be will be offered on April 27 in Bellingham from 1 to 4. Please contact me to attend

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