May 2015

Judyth Sult’s Quick Update

Notes from J

I’m back from Spain and Portugal where husband Larry and I met daughter Lauren who is traveling in Europe for several months. We also stopped in St. Louis to visit son Evan and partner Paige. It was a wonderful family time and, yet, it’s wonderful to return to our beautiful Northwest.


PS: If you are in Bellingham come to the Orca Studio in Wise Awakening for the Tarot of Empowerment coming out party

June 12 from 5:30 to 8.

Gordana and I wll be giving free one card readings. You get a free full reading from me with the purchase of a Tarot of Empowerment Collector Set.

The photo in the header and at the right are from Muslim ruins in Setra, Portugal where evidence of habitation since the stone age. It is so far from anywhere and you have to climb way up to get there!

From the Castle above you look below to villages and the furthest point west of Continental Europe (The white is actually the ocean on a very cloudy day.)

This is the charming town of Belem, Portugal.

These mosiacs date back to Roman times beforer Christ that were found under a castle that replaced a Christian church, which was replaced by a mosque and then recaptured in 1492.. Below is a close up of the detail.

A lovely restaurant for a lovely, romantic dinner overlooking Cordoba.

Goya exhibit in Lisbon. Goya wrote:

“If he were more gallent and less boring she would come back to life.”

Inside the Misquita Mosque built in about 1100 AD to hold 20,000 worshipers.

No trip to Spain would be complete without Flaminco dancing.

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