May 2014

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Judyth Sult’s May 2014 Newsletter

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                  Notes from J

I’m back from China and had a wonderful time. This photo of me is visiting Quan Yin on a mountain we climbed to about 8,000 ft.

I’m so excited to announce our new website, Tarot of You will see each of the cards with the interpretations. When you sign up for our newsletter you will be among the first to see each new card as it comes on board. Many of you have asked to purchase prints or card samples, and we are thrilled to make them available at our store, which can be accessed through our website. (The water mark for Tarot of Empowerment that you see on the web will not be on the physical prints.) Each card will come with the interpretation and a meditation to draw the energy of the card to yourself. You can use each card to empower yourself in a different way and for different circumstances.

I love the photo of this statue from a Buddha temple we visited in China. It demonstrates the need to pull away the mask to reveal one’s authentic self. We sometimes hide from our authentic self because we get busy or sidetracked. I’ve created a Tarot layout about how to become empowered to embrace your authentic self at this time.

I’m resuming my radio show on May 21, at 6 pm PT. The show is on the internet on Blogtalk, and you can listen live (and call in 347-205-9869) or listen later.  Just click here to access the show. My guest will be Janet Hickox who will talk about Human Design astrology and join me answering your questions. My show will continue on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Each week I’ll offer to a caller a free Tarot of Empowerment print or card that we’ll discuss on the show. I’ll be inviting guests from other esoteric disciplines to discuss empowerment and the relationship between their specialty and Tarot.



Banner photo: A bridge on Erhai Lake near Dali, China

New Cards from Tarot of Empowerment Earth Suit

Sage of Air

The Sage of Air is the elder of the Air cards. He has learned how to reveal and explain the truth in different situations.

He is recognized as intelligent, courageous and fair. The Sage of Air is objective and detached and not swayed by emotions.

As the elder, it’s time for the Sage to relinquish an old idea or truth that is no longer valid. Times change, facts change, and a new truth emerges. The truth he has to give up was accurate, with the previous information. But this old reality is no longer valid.

In Tarot of Empowerment the Sage of Air wears a full headdress with the butterfly, indicating his evolution through the journey of truth with the guidance of spirit. The butterflies in the Student have transformed into shooting stars symbolizing, how reality changes over time. By the time we see the star, it has already transformed.

The eagle is in majestic flight in full spiritual awakening. We are constantly transforming our thoughts and acknowledge that truth changes as new perspectives, evidence, or science become available. Connecting to spirit with our highest self opens us to new realities and allows us to make the choice for truth over precedence.

When this card comes up in a reading, you are asked to consider alternatives to your current perspective.  It may be time to let go of an idea whose star has passed. Or it may be that it’s time to give up the old way of saying things in order to be heard in a new way. Be willing to give something up.

Be empowered to detach from ideas which have served their purpose. 

Student of Fire

The Student of Fire is the youngest of the wisdom cards. The journey he is embarking on will take him along the road of creativity, passion, and spiritual awareness. He is an aspiring leader with a passion to find, and work towards, his vision for the world.

The Student of Fire has a lot of energy and spontaneity. He has not yet learned prudence and diplomacy, so his enthusiasm may sometimes be misdirected or misunderstood. He wants to make changes in the world and in his understanding of himself, yet he may be too impatient to make a thoughtful plan. His fervor for action attracts others who have the potential to help him manifest what he wants.

In the Tarot of Empowerment deck, the Student of Fire stands in the center of creativity. You see the sun as the fire of passion burning at his heart and and the center of the universe.

When the Student of Fire comes up in your reading, it suggests you are in a state of discovery. You are investigating the world, trying to understand your place in the world, and creating plans for change. Be empowered to look for new opportunities and inspiring ideas. Feel your fire and fan the flames.

Reading to Find Your Authentic Self

I have a friend/client who is investing her time and energy in building a jewelry business. She is taking webinars and learning how to be efficient with the many options for getting her products to market. In the course of her studies, she realized there are gaps in what she knows about her approach to business and what is her authentic business self. This is the layout I used to explore the idea.

1. What card best represents my authentic self at this time? 8 Fire, lightening rod

You are attracting a lot of energy around you, and your products are a way to connect with you. This is the time for prioritizing where your passions lie and what you want to put out into the world.

2. What energy do I call on to assist me to honor my authentic self? Magician

Once you prioritize everything, what is it you most want to do to make your living? You have the attention of people who like what you have to offer. Most likely, the people who already buy from you recognize that you have other talents and teachings to offer. What do you want to authentically produce? Your jewelry, your teachings or a combination of both?

3. What is in my best interest to remove from my energy? 10 Wind

You are at a crossroads in how you think about yourself in the world. In this position in the reading, the cards suggest you give up old ways of thinking. You are ready to move beyond your old patterns and ways of thinking.

4. What is my best course of action at this time? Wheel of Fortune

Understand that this is a time of change. Your course of action is to stay balanced in this time of change. Allow the wheel to turn. Some things will fall away, and that is okay.

Let’s look at how the cards relate to each other. We see that her clients are initiallly  attacted to her jewelry (fire). As they get to know her they become attracted to her ideas. Her jewelry is her tool to introduce the ideas.  She’s been hesitant to move forward in her teaching (10 Wind). If she authentically wants to become a teacher she has the Magician energy too manfest those desires. The Magician uses the elements to connect to her authentic self: fire, her true passion (teaching); earth, her security (make it pay); wind, her communication (ideas to teach); and water, the emotional ties she has with her clients (integrating the love her clients have for her jewelry to discovering what she has to teach them about life). Her best course of action is to move forward to the next step in her authentic life (Wheel of Fortune).

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Sage of Fire

The Sage of Fire is the wisest of the Fire Wisdom cards, the Sage is confident in his identity, the knowledge of who he is in the world.

He has created an energetic, busy life as he follows his vision that feeds his soul. He carries the light of passion throughout his being, elevating him to positions of leadership. He has learned diplomacy and has a dedicated group of followers who want to work with him to make changes.

The Sage of Fire enjoys a challenge, yet knows when it is time to release the old. He understands when to pass the baton so that others can become leaders and learn how to create a better world.

In Tarot of Empowerment the Sage of Fire connects to the ultimate fire which resides in the stars and connects him to the One. His face shows both the lines of accomplishment and the joy of achieving his goals. The smoke from his pipe sends the smoke of his vision and prayers into the world.

When the Sage of Fire comes up in a reading, you are being empowered to move to a new level of leadership and sense of who you are. You may be facing an identity challenge as your role begins to change. One aspect of leading is learning when and to whom to release your power and responsibilities. 

Become empowered to embrace a new identity and purpose.

Student of Air

The Student of Air is the youngest of the Air Wisdom cards and he is willing to take a risk.

Just as you are surrounded by air, you are surrounded by ideas and consciousness. As with air, thoughts can provide solutions and innovation or become polluted with discouragement. Using the mind is a creative act, and the mind is in constant motion.

The Student of Air is the person who gets things moving, whether motivated by emotional attachments, creative ideas, or sound investments. Although he is dedicated to discovering the truth, his immaturity and willingness to take a risk can lead to inappropriate or insensitive communication.

In Tarot of Empowerment the Student of Air looks intensely towards the future. He is optimistic that he will find the truth and be able to impart that reality. The eagle feather represents his authenticity and his desire to fly high for an objective overview. The eagle has long been a symbol of being a messenger who is closest to spirit.

The butterfly is a symbol of growth and transformation. The butterfly starts as an egg, hatches into a caterpillar, becomes a cocoon and emerges in its winged beauty. In a like manner the Student begin his journey of transformation.

When this card comes up in your reading, it indicates you are looking for the truth of the matter and how to communicate that truth. The issue may be about what’s happening in your life in the present moment, or how to anticipate the future. The card is about ideas and communication. Don’t be sidetracked by your emotions, swayed by your passion, or intimidated by your insecurities.

Be empowered to find and speak your truth.