May 2013

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Judyth Sult’s May Newsletter

Notes from J

Remember Mission Impossible with the tapes telling the agents the challange of what they would have to do and giving them the background of the case? They knew, you knew, the assignment would be difficult, but someone had to do it.

These missions I’m assigning here are in response to the April madness with the tragedies in Boston and Texas. The tragedies reminded me how important it is that we win over our fears and become aware of our choices, bring fun and laughter into our lives, and that we are present in the moment.

Accept one of the missions below to begin to live your life more fully. 

If you choose to take one of these missions you will

  • feel empowered
  • become more energized
  • like yourself better


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Blessings and joy,

Rev. Judyth

The photo above is from my April birthday with my family. The heading is of my favorite early blooming flowers in my garden, a hybrid rose peony.

     Your mission, if you’re willing to take it . . .

. . .  is to complete 1 of the 2 following challenges:

1) For one month make a choice to do something new and different that pushes you emotionally, physically and mentally every day . The  first challenge is for the person who  is in a rut and not fully engaging in life.


2) Every day for one month engage yourself emotionally, physically or mentally to change a pattern or habit in your life that you want to eliminate.  The second challenge is to empower you to take action to regain control over your life.

These challenges will make you aware, for at least part of every day, that you are making conscious decisions about what you bring to your life and how you live your life. My prediction is that at the end of a month, when you have successfully completed one of the exercises above, you will have more self confidence, see the world from a different perspective, feel more empowered and become more energized.

Part of what makes us feel alive is variety. When we eat, read, experience or think about new things we are stimulating parts of our brain we normally don’t use. Becoming emotionally invested with our choices helps us to feel a range of sensations. Do different physical activities to prove to yourself that you can attempt them. At least try to climb even if you don’t get to the top of the mountain.

Invite others to join you with their own challenge to connect with them in a supportive way. Focus on finding a variety of activities and explore the areas where you feel growth in your discipline, relationships, or health.

If you haven’t done something in many years you can count it as something new. Try riding a horse, a bicycle or a motorcycle (wear helmets!). Take yourself to the water slides. Go to a play or try out the opera.

Share your challenge with your friends and compare what you come up with. Give each other encouragement and have fun! 

Feel free to keep me updated on your progress for encouragment.

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