May 15, 2020


Judyth Sult’s May, Part 2

Empowerment Newsletter


Notes from J

I hope that you are all well and safe. Now, more than ever, when coronavirus is attacking the heart and lungs, it is important to balance your heart chakra. A well balanced heart chakra will help you maintain your own center in spite of the emotions you may pick up from others. See the article below on balancing your 4th chakra.

In spite of the focus on the struggle to be isolated, the BBC today reported that some studies have shown that many people are actually enjoying and benefiting from the new normal.

My personal card draw for this issue is Strength, which is about gentleness and healing compassion. We need to be kind to ourselves as well as to others. I believe my guides gave me this card as it relates well to the heart chakra and the work lined up for this issue.

The new moon is May 22, which is the time to set new intentions. This is a good time to set the intention to use the rituals below to heal your heart chakra.

We are all in this together. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or if you just want to talk.



                                                                        Coaching Corner

Healing your 4th Chakra in the time of Covid 19

4th Chakra – Heart

Chakras are energy centers in our physical body. For our purposes we are looking at the seven chakras that start at the genitals, then move up to the pelvic area, and to just behind the belly button. These first three chakras relate to how we physically are in the world.

The 4th chakra is at the heart and lungs. The heart is at the center of the seven chakras and integrates the physical with the spiritual. The chakras above the heart chakra are the throat, the third eye (behind the forehead) and the crown, just above the head.

A healthy, well balanced 4th chakra is indicated by a person who has healthy relationships, is accepting, is compassionate, and understands forgiveness of self and others. An unbalanced heart chakra can attract poor relationship choices, lack of compassion, and a poor concept of boundaries

The energy of an unbalanced heart chakra can attract physical illnesses related to the heart, lung or breast. Coronavirus most often attacks the lungs, and often the heart. Below, I’ve offered methods you can practice to strengthen your heart chakra.

Rituals to clear your heart chakra

Acknowledge your gratitude. Our culture often encourages us to feel something like arrogance when we express what we are grateful for, such as a nice car or a special talent. It’s sad because feeling grateful for what we have and who we are opens our heart. Here is a ritual I’ve suggested for Thanksgiving, but any time is a time to give thanks. The ritual can be accessed here.

Practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is paramount to having a healthy heart chakra. Include yourself in this ritual of forgiveness. This is an extremely powerful ritual if you have been wronged by someone, or if you have acted in a way you regret. Forgiveness ritual can be accessed here.

Combine color and healing. The color related to the heart chakra is green, which is also the color for healing. Integrate green into your wardrobe, jewelry and environment. Make a practice of noticing the many shades of green in your life. Every time you see green say the mantra, “My heart is healing.”T

Grace is your strength

Be gentle as you tame the wild beasts

Use compassion and healing powers for all

Draw on the strength of your naked truth

Be strong

You are empowered when you meet challenges with the self-assurance and calm that disarms those with whom you may find yourself engaged in a conflict.

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