June 2017

Judyth Sult’s June 2017 Empowerment Newsletter

Notes from J 

June is often an unpredictable month in terms of weather in many parts of the country. It marks the gateway to summer with the solstice on June 20, denoting the longest day of the year. From what I’ve been reading from astrologers we may also find June is an unpredictable month in our lives.

For the Solstice acknowledge the longest day by lighting a fire, even if it is just a candle. Call the light of joy into your life and celebrate with family and/or friends.

I am really blessed to do the work I do. I recently received several cards and emails expressing their gratitude from people I’ve read for to help them learn how to become empowered in their own lives. I’m excited to be invited to read at a birthday party in Okanagan, Canada over the next few days where I will have adventures and meet new friends.

Embrace your life.

If it is not the life you want, change it.

If you cannot change it, change your attitude about it.



Headshot from my 2017 birthday.

The card of YES

In honor of the Solstice let’s look at the Sun card. This card represents optimism amid all of the possibilities. Set your intention this month to take charge of your life and call in the changes you would like to make in your relationships, your work or your life purpose.

“The Sun is central to our lives and our place in the universe. In a like manner, it symbolizes our ‘self’ in relation to the whole of our private universe. It triumphs in the light of each day and surrenders to the dark of night”.

        Tarot of Empowerment

In this card the woman looks towards the sun in thanks for shining its light of confidence and courage, knowing that she is blessed by the Universe and on the correct course at this point on her journey.

Now, pull a card from the Tarot of Empowerment website for help about HOW to make the changes you want to call into your life. Use the energy represented by this card to explore how to make the changes you are calling into your life.

Actions towards Empowerment

Be aware, responsible and conscious of your own attitudes, actions and beliefs. Take a day to work on each of these. Really observe yourself over a period of a week or a month to become aware of what you like and what you want to change.

What is your attitude towards yourself and others in regard to the following words: forgiving, judgmental, accepting, fanciful, joyful, truthful, optimistic, sincerity.

What are your actions towards yourself and others when you feel the following: Anxious, happy, sad, intimate, regretful, safe, comfortable.

What are your beliefs about yourself and other regarding the:

past, future, afterlife, possibilities, manifesting, partnership, change.

As you review the words under each of these categories think about how satisfied you are with your attitude, action or belief regarding yourself and others. Decide what you want to change. Take one thing you want to change and work on just that one thing.

You become empowered when you recognize what you want to change. You are empowered when you are successful in making the change.

Please let me know if you would like some assistance or clarification.

Unsolicited testimonial

    Three years ago you gave me guidance. I hadn’t realized how troubled I was until I found you and listened to your advice. I have saved my notes from talking with you over these 3 years and you have been spot on each time.

    I trust my life with God’s guidance and your advice. How lucky can one girl be to have such good guidance?

    Thank you Judyth! Never doubt your advice! SB, 2017

Phases of the Moon

June 9 – Full Moon

This is the time to celebrate who you are. Find 3 things you love about yourself and write them down. Share those three amazing virtures about yourself with at least one friend.

June 20 – Solstice

Welcome the joy and optimism of the longest day of the year. Light a fire in your life.

June 23 – New Moon

Set your intentions for the next 28 days. Do a ritual in order to manifest what you want to call into your life. Use the words of power:

There is one power, the perfect power. I [your name] call on the perfect power to manifest the perfect [what you want to manifest] for me. I want to manifest it NOW!

I was recently reminded of a quote “One cannot be prepared for something while

secretly believing

it will not happen.”

Nelson Mandala

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