June 2013

June, 2013

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Notes from J

The whale photo is from a wonderful Mother’s Day Whale Watching trip I took with daughter Lauren and husband Larry.

My life gift has been to be mother to Lauren and Evan,  and now Paige.

Thanks to the people who “adopted” me as their mother and sent me good wishes this mother’s day.


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  June 29, 11 to 5pm, Vision Quest Fair, Everett.

  July 27-28, Class, Communicating with Guides, Earth Sanctuary (must preregister).

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Toss a Coin with Your Guides

In my recent class, How to Become Who You Want to Be, we discussed how to become comfortable communicating with guides. I suggested student set up a system to check if the information they think they are getting is from their guides or from their head. 

One system is to ask your guides if the information (suggestion, advice, call to action) is coming from them or from within you and then flip a coin to answer yes or no, and then proceed follow the coin flip. Before you trust this, set up some guidelines for the guides. Below are guides that I use, but feel free to make up your own.

  • Invite the guides to play with you.
  • Choose a coin denomination you will always use.
  • Decide if heads or tails is yes or no.
  • Decide how many coin tosses you will throw before following advice.

After the class, one of my students sent me a linkto a coin tossing program  and asked if I thought it was okay to use rather than a physical coin. I used a physical coin and asked my guides to tell me yes or no and then flipped th coin. Yes

Then I used the computer program to ask, “Is it okay to use this computer program to communicate with the guides?” Yes. Next question was, “Do you want to communicate this way with me occasionally?” Yes.

All of the answers were yes. Now I wanted to ask a question I knew would be a “no” and, after I asked the question, the program came up with a “no”.

Play with it and see how you like this system.

What others say:

“Thank you, Judyth, for the amazing workshop. It was deep and inspiring and challenging – all as it should be.

I started my homework and have had a most wonderful day.  It is truly a gift to give yourself the time for deep processing.  I am beginning the process of  becoming the new.”


Becoming Who You Want to Be

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Call for a free reading on Authentic Radio program, Living Astrology with Janet Hickox, Friday, May 30 at 4pm.

Class: Communicating with Your Guides

Every class I teach comes from co-creation with my guides and I’m often asked questions about how to work with guides. I’ve taught many 2 to 4 hour classes, yet many times students feel they need more time, practice and instruction so I’ve re-created a class I taught 20 some years ago.

This time the class will be held at the amazing Earth Sanctuary Retreat Houseon Whidbey Island. We will integrate the wonderful sacred places into your lessons.

The class focuses on learning how you and your guides can set up your own style of communication. We’ll use Tarot as a tool but you don’t have to know how to read the cards.

The class size is very limited so please contact me if you are interested.