July 2017

Judyth Sult’s Empowerment July 2015 Newsletter

Notes from J

Celebrate our nation’s independence as well as

your own independence.

Stand as an individual who shows compassion towards others demonstrating empowerment and

creating community.

Enjoy this blessed time of light, warmth and joy,


A Guide for Your Life Journey

Struggling on a life path is a common theme that comes up with my mentoring clients. We all have struggles at one time or another and I feel especially blessed when I’m called upon to help clear the debris from a person’s path. Along the way I’ve discovered some musings that you might find helpful.

1. Recognize the moment you are in and appreciate it for what it is. It might be a lesson in pain or a celebration of achievement. In any case, it is YOUR moment.

2. Trust you will find your way. Sometimes the path is rocky and it may seem to disappear. At other times it may be steep. At other times your path may run through a meadow with birds singing and a nearby babbling brook. Pause when you doubt that you are on the right path. During the pause explore the energy around you – your emotions, desires and options.

3. Ask for guidance. Just ask the Universe. Asking does not need to be prayer nor does it require supplication. The Universe is there, waiting to guide you. The answers may not be in the form you expect, and it may not be what you think you want to hear, but ask and then look for signs you have been heard.

4. Be thankful for who you are in this moment and for the person you are becoming. In difficult times know that this is just one part of your journey. Be thankful that you have the strength to continue to a better place. Trust you will find your way as you follow your guidance. Be determined to do the work to grow into the person you want to become.

5. Create and repeat a mantra for this stage of your journey, no matter where you are. An example might be something like, “I am my solution. I am empowered to joyfully move along the path to journey towards my ideal self.”

I wish the best for each of you and I am available to assist you as needed.

Want to be Heard? Try this Discussion Reading

This reading was devised for those times when you just don’t feel that you have been heard. The first card (theme) defines you in relation to the conversation. Cards 2 through 4 are what NOT to say to be heard. Cards 5 through 7 are what to say instead of the card directly above. My clients often tell me the what NOT to say is exactly what they have been saying. When they replace it with, “What to say” they feel heard and get results.

From Explore the Major Arcana: A Workbook for Empowerment by Judyth Sult

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Moon Cycles

You have all heard me say that I am not an astrologer, but I do like to pay attention to the full and new moons.

This month my guest is Dorothy Morgan from New Hampshire Astrolgoy. You can read a complete report here.

Full Moon – July 9

When the Moon is full in Capricorn we need to let go of over controlling things and working too hard. There are times when we forget why we are working and get lost in it leaving everything else in life behind. We have an opportunity to feel grounded with this full Moon, strong in the things we believe in, dependable and reliable.

The Capricorn Moon can be the calm in the storm if we know who we are and are comfortable with that. This is a good thing.

With Mars in Cancer we can clear out stuck and old emotions and it can happen quickly. That means we say what is on our minds and sometimes words can hurt, so be aware of this.

New Moon – July 23

New Moon in Cancer. It is an opportunity to really connect with what we want and need in regards to our emotional security, family and support.

So the assignment with this New Moon in Cancer is to set goals relating to the changes you want to make in your life around your emotional health, your family, how you feel safe and secure at home.

Are there changes that need to happen in your family or where you live? New Moons are about setting goals and reaching for the stars, but sometimes we have to let go of something first before the new can arrive. So keep that in mind too, if something is ready to leave your life let it leave, then you set some fresh goals now that there is space to do it.

What is your card for July?

The card I pulled for July is Strength which works very well with the astrology for the month. The Strength card represents strength through gentleness and compassion. From what I read in the July astrology this is a strong message to keep in mind.

Your strength is grace.
Be gentle as you tame the wild beast;
Use your compassion and healing for all.
Draw on the strength of your naked truth.
Be Strong

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