July 2013

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Judyth Sult’s July Newsletter

                                 Notes from J

It sure seems like someone has stolen 3 of the 24 hours out of my day. Are you feeling like that? Friends tell me time has shifted in the new paradigm and now I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to get everything done. But wait, maybe I don’t have to get everything done. What a concept!

It’s time to prioritize what I want to do and what I’m calling into my life. A friend was recently diagnosed with a potentially devastating disease. My husband recently retired and we’ve been discussing our options for the duration of our lives. A relative is bedridden and another is struggling with terminal illness.

These are reminders for me to live consciouly, creatively, and with passion. Rather than  a “to do” list, I think I’ll make a “don’t worry about it now” list.


I still have a few openings for my 2 day class, “Tarot as a Tool to Communicate with Your Guides”. The class is on June 20 and 21 with an option to arrive on June 19. The class will be held at Earth Sanctuary on Whidbey Island.

This month’s winner for a free reading or consultation is Neta Cahill. Congratulations!

Blessings and joy,

Rev. Judyth

                           6 Ways to Engage in Life
Is life boring or overwhelming? Maybe it’s time for a review or even a shake up to get more balance and joy. Below are suggestions to become more committed to making choices about how you are living your life.

1. Pay attention to how and with whom you are spending your time and energy. You don’t have to answer every text or call from people who drain you. Decide if you are responding to “should” rather than what you want to do. You may not be able to eliminate everything that’s not fun, but by paying attention you can decide what can be eliminated. You will also become aware of how many pleasant and exciting things you are doing in your life. Pay attention!

2. Set your intention around what you want in your life and then allow the change that will make the intention a reality. That’s right; you need to change if you want things to be different. Do you want more fun, better health, or healthier relationships? If so, you need to set your intention and figure out how to make that intention become a reality. Maybe you need a sounding board to try out new ideas, a reading for a different perspective or a willingness to experiment with new ways of living.

3. Live creatively. Creativity opens new horizons, provides new insights and stimulates your senses. Creativity is doing things in a new way, be it cooking, art, music, business, problem solving, relationships or whatever. Children are creative because they figure out how to do things without knowing the rules. Let the child in you take over and forget the rules. Try breaking at least 1 rule a day for a week and see how free you become.

4. Expect and accept the unexpected. When you change the rules, pay attention, and make changes to create your intention, you can expect that things will be different in your world. New opportunities will become available. New people will appear in your life. New gifts will be given and received.

5. Say YES more often and be courageous enough to say NO. Huh? Learn to say yes to things that are fun and new. Learn to say yes to risk (a little risk to one person can be a big risk to another). Learn to say yes to gifts from other people. Have the courage to say no to obligations that don’t feed your soul or when your boundaries are intruded upon. When your idea of a good time is staying home and reading a book you don’t have to go out to prove you are a good sport.

Yes, there are some things you can’t change in your life, but making conscious, intentional decisions about those things you can change will lead you to a more dynamic present life.

Forgiving others, Healing Yourself

We all have someone in our life who we need to forgive. Forgiveness is NOT permission for the poor behavior to continue. Forgiveness is a way to release the energetic hold that person or situation has over you.

If there is a parent, exspouse, former friend, boss, sibling or other that you would benefit from forgiving, this is the class for you. Ultimately, the focus is to reclaim your power over yourself. More information in the August newsletter.

Upcoming events

This Saturday:

Vision Quest Anniversary Fair, readings by me and others, Saturday, June 29, Everett

Class: Tarot as a Tool to Communicate with Your Guides, July 20 and 21, Earth Sanctuary, only 2 spaces left.

Call for an individual readings (360) 305-1491 or contact me by replying to this enewsletter.

                Ask J
I’m an empath, how can I keep other people’s emotions out of my psychic space? SB

Dear SB,

Being an empath, one who picks up other people’s emotions, can be exhausting.

To protect yourself, imagine a bubble surrounding you. People’s words and emotions will be tempered and turned down. As you begin to feel overwhelmed, make the bubble thicker.

If you are in a crowd, take a moment to find a place a bit out of the way and breathe deeply, releasing other people’s “stuff” as you exhale. If you are picking up the emotions of friends and family create a quiet space for a time out.

Another thing to do is pretend you, yourself, is on one speaker and the others are on another speaker. Adjust so your speaker is loudest or perhaps the only speaker that you can hear.

Be firm about boundaries. Practice meditation at home and when you are with others call upon those skills in a quiet, private way.

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