Judyth’s Intuitive Readings

Space cleansing
Space cleansing tools
“Since 1993 I have frequently consulted with Judyth about subjects very near and dear to my heart and/or intersections in my life for deeper insights. I have made better decisions based from her readings. She has always been compassionate and objective. She is a kind spirit and her heart is of the light so I trust her motives, teachings and enlightenment.” Lynn S.
I am an intuitive reader and spiritual coach. I accurately read energy in a place or situation. When given permission, your guides, as well as mine, will give me specific information for you. I always ask that my own opinion (that is, my ego) doesn’t influence my readings in any way. Tarot and Numerology are my chosen tools to give symbols to the readings.
Typical questions from clients are:
  • What is the best course of action for me to achieve my goal?
  • What is the challenge that is in the way of achieving the goal?
  • What energy do I draw to myself with possible choices?
  • What are the next steps for me to take in my relationship?
  • What will the next 4 months bring?
  • How can I attract more joy?
  • Why do the same issues appear in my life?
  • How do I move forward in my business?
  • Is this the right person for me?
  • Is this the right path for me?
Numerology is useful in discovering recurring, as well as upcoming patterns. In addition to verbal readings, I create unique Life Expression Numerology pieces using the appropriate names and dates for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other special events.
My intuition is excellent for completing space cleansing and space clearing of unwanted energy. These clearings eliminate blocks and help to live in a place with jor or to sell property if it’s time to move forward.
“I still don’t know how to explain the difference – I can walk in any room and not feel the hostile energy from my ex. I feel safe, thank you.” JA
You never know what kind of energy is left behind from the experiences of previous tenants or owners, so cleansing is important when you move into a new domestic or business property or buy a used vehicle. It’s best not to carry a stranger’s drama!